Faith: A Young Adult Paranormal Romance (THE EQUINOX PACT Book 3) by Leigh Walker

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Taylor Hale’s barely had time to adjust to the new world she’s living in, one filled with supernatural mysteries. Not that she’s complaining—as long as she’s with the love of her life, James Champlain, she can face anything.

But the island of Dawnhaven is getting even more dangerous.

Lines have been crossed. Vows have been broken. Reparations must be made. 

James has only two goals: to keep Taylor safe and to protect the balance. There’s an uneasy truce with the local shifters, but he knows it’s only a matter of time before the longstanding grudge erupts into violence. James will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves. No matter what the cost… 

My Review

The prologue is intriguing at the start of this book, and very difficult to discern who is involved. The second book ended with a bang and lots of other supernaturals, so I’m wondering where this book is starting.

In the first chapter, we are back to Taylor’s point of view. Which is predominant through this story. This story backtracks a little, filling in the reader in case they misunderstood previous events and descriptions. This book definitely starts sometime after the last one with some items worked out like a truce.
These books I filled with drama from one thing to another and back again as Taylor deals with her secrets, her family, and her step – monster. Things get very Rocky for her and her family as fall begins. Her boyfriend is a sweetheart, and there thru it all. We do answer some questions as the action and implications come to a turning point in the book. I loved how this book needed hope and a new chapter.

Taylor and James’ story with the rags to riches and paranormal themes was fantastic. I enjoyed all the supernatural the author included in the report. I also enjoyed seeing a rivalry between vampire and wolf shifters. I love that Taylor was human throughout the story, and there was no real talk of changing her.

There are some steamy scenes, but this book is so very YA. I would recommend it for an older reader as there is some discussion on explicit content.

The end of this book comes full circle to the prologue at the start of the book, with this action scene being a catalyst to the end.

This book was an excellent ending to this trilogy. I loved that Taylor cared so much about her family and friends. It really shows. It didn’t leave you hanging with a ton of questions. James was the ever protective some times moody hero in this book, I loved how it all resolved, and the characters we know and love ended on a happy note more calm note. I thought the author did a great job of making us feel and hear everything in the story, at least all the necessary details we needed to not be terribly shocked by the ending.

This is the last book in this Equinox Pact Trilogy you will want to read the first and second book before you read this one so check out Awakening and Promised by Leigh Walker. You can see my review for them here. If you would like to read Faith by Leigh Walker you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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