Dating Dracula:(Dating Monsters Book 1)by Kinsley Adams

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Legend. The Immortal. My… Boyfriend?

You know, I really only had two goals in life:

1) Unearth the truth about vampires and,
2) Become hella famous

Nowhere on that list did I have “die” or “get turned into a bloodsucker.” But guess what? Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Now, thanks to an unfortunate back-alley encounter, I’m the newest member of the undead country club (fangs, coffin, and all). And my savior? Sire? Whatever…

Freaking. Dracula. Himself.

Even stranger, he claims I’m his mate. Like… eternal love. But come on! I don’t have time for that. Not only do I need to track down my attempted murderer, but I also need to learn how to be a vampire. Falling in love is the last thing on my mind right now.

Well, maybe not quite last. He is crazy hot after all.

My Review

This book is a breath of fresh air filled with sassy comments, a snarky heroine, and a schmexy vampire. Anna and Vlad’s fated story is fabulous and unlike anything I’ve read before. The romance, the comedy, and the characters make this book a fantastic light-hearted read. I liked the inclusion of fated mates, vampires, and wolf shifters. The single antagonistic story was terrific; definitely someone you grow to hate. This is the first in the series, and I would totally read the rest of them.

The prologue of this book is sassy, funny, and very upfront with her current predicament. Anna is a video blogger and has decided to expose all things vampire but, of course, gets herself into trouble. The vampire populations recently came out of their “casket-closet,” and humans are still adapting. She and her friend Lucy decide to go to a hot vampire club to get more info.

Of course, she encounters a real vampire. It doesn’t end well for her. However, just as all is lost, she is saved. When she finally awakes, she is in for a surprise and many questions. I love how blunt she is, almost reckless in her behavior. Her character is definitely a breath of fresh air, full of personality. Vlad tells her some exciting facts and unravels the story behind what happened.

This book contains many build-ups, but tidbits of information on the main plot issues and political agendas creep in. I also like the author’s subtle mates’ plotline, but it is very relaxed. Of course, our new vampire is brash, sassy and bold, and oh so funny to read as she becomes part of this unknown paranormal world. Vlad is a character, but he is very subtle, proper, and alpha. I like the crew of vampires he brings in and the different personalities present. I know where this is going, but it is still an amusing read. There are some parts you can’t help but laugh at.

This book wraps up nicely, and we finally get some steamy scenes. I enjoyed this sarcastic story about vampires. There are more in the Dating Monsters series if you would like to continue reading.

If you would like to read Dating Dracula by Kinsley Adams you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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