The Valentine Inn by Jennifer Peel

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I, Charlotte Valentine, am mostly of sound mind. Typically, I make really good choices. I mean I went to college, never did drugs . . . I even brush and floss every day. That’s not to say I don’t make poor decisions—believe me, I do. They always seem to involve men—everything from gluing my eye shut (don’t ask) to falling in love with my boss. Did I mention he was famous? Oh, Drake Foster, you beautiful creature, you. My sister told me not to accept the position as his personal assistant. Apparently, she thinks it’s emotionally unhealthy for me to work for the object of my desire. What does she know?

Well, she knew enough to tell me not to go on a little jaunt with him through a blizzard. She was definitely against us sharing the only room left at the coziest inn ever. And what happened after that she was adamant should have never happened. But, hey, it all worked out. I got the inn and the cutest kid ever. Unfortunately, Drake has no idea about either one—he really should answer his phone more—until, that is, he decides to take a trip down memory lane and shows up at my beloved inn. Let’s just say he’s surprised. But he’s not the only one. Who knew our connection would be just as strong as it always was and that all this time, I’ve haunted him as much as he’s haunted me? But this time, will love come to stay, or is it checking out for good?

My Review

This contemporary romance book about a movie star and his assistant and the surprise weekend that changed their lives is a fantastic story of love and forgiveness, all centered around this magical inn that brings soul mates together. Nothing about Charlottes and Drake’s relationship was easy; there were a lot of choices and past regrets to get over to find happiness.

Charlotte is on a road trip in a snowstorm with her boss; she is attracted to Drake. He is determined to make a meeting in Los Angeles. This may be one of the worst decisions of her life. But it is very romantic. They end up at a quaint inn with a whimsical old man running it who keeps babbling about magic and other nonsense that clearly doesn’t apply to our characters. Things start to get steamy then the book jumps to 6 years later.

A lot has happened with that time jump, and the reader has to infer some of it as it isn’t all spelled out. But Charlotte has a big secret to tell Drake, and she now owns the inn they stayed at on that snowy weekend.

Drake is a jerk. I can’t believe he is willing to walk away because of guilt and wrong beliefs. He has every right to be mad at Charlotte; that surprise was a doozy. But I can’t believe he will walk away again. At least until something changes. The walls seem to come down now we finally get honesty from him. We get a glimpse of hope for a happily ever after.

I’m amazed by where this is going. The magic of the inn seems to play a role in fixing the past and present. This couple does get their happy for now ending, and it is magical.

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