unBEATable: A Sweet Rockstar Romance (Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers Book 4)  by Arya Matthews

Rating: 4 out of 5.

There was a time, Project Viper’s enigmatic drummer Graham O’Neal believed in Happily-Ever-Afters.

That belief went up in flames when his fiancée jilted him two weeks before the wedding.

Three years later, Graham’s okay and resolved to never be beaten by love again.

That resolve is challenged when stylist and unabashed fangirl Micah Redwood joins his band’s support team. Graham couldn’t care less for the new addition and her overly enthusiastic ways, but when Micah snaps him out of pre-show jitters then jumps to protect one of his bandmates from an aggressive “fan”, Graham is forced to take a second look.

Adventurous, kind, and patient Micah chips right through the ice around Graham’s heart. Where once he wasn’t enough, with Micah he feels like the center of the universe.

But just as Graham decides to give love a second chance, he discovers that Micah has a lot more to lose than he does by becoming the girl who restores his faith in happy endings (and himself).

My Review

This rockstar romance is a clean contemporary story about a reclusive drummer and shy stylist. Micah and Graham have enjoyable conversations with conflicting personalities. I would say this has some new adult romance as both are still trying to find their way in life, especially Micah. The story itself is fast-paced and filled with sweet moments and strength, truth and happiness. I loved the drum contest indeed a memorable scene. That is probably my favorite moment in the story. This was a really lighthearted story with light emotional feelings. The chaos in this book only lasted for a short time. I do look forward to reading more in this series. 

Micah is a new stylist for Project Viper and a few other bands on the records label. She is smart but shy. She accidentally runs into Graham at a record party and seems to get on with Charlie okay. 

Graham has an interesting relationship with ACD’s drummer Jelly. Graham is a reclusive, introverted rockstar. He is a caring guy under his aloof demeanor. But Jelly really pushed him out of his comfort zone. 

Micah seems to have issues. She has some anxiety and has made some not-so-intelligent choices in the past. Her family is supportive but also critical. Works seem to pull them together, and Micah struggles to stay professional. Not sure what Graham is thinking as he is more stoic. 

I don’t like where this goes. I’m pissed at what happens, but not necessarily for her and Graham. However, I admire her at the same time for not running to her wealthy boyfriend to fix her problems instead, fixing them herself. Their budding romance is cute, and all but the miscommunication and the job issues are what had me livid and burning through the pages.

This couple doesn’t get happily ever after, but they do get happy for now ending. But I really wanted to see what the upcoming tour looked like for them. I love that this basically picks up where the other books leave, and we still get to see couples we have read before, like Juliette and Shane. 

If you would like to read unBeatable by Arya Matthews you can find this book on Amazon. You can also grab the entire Project Viper Series. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

I highly recommend you read the entire Reluctant Heartbreakers and Sweet Trouble Makers Series. Also, check out the Author’s Interview with Arya Matthews.

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