Anchoring Kole (Iron Mountain Book 5) by Havana Wilder

Rating: 4 out of 5.

~New adventures~ ~Old enemies~ ~Finding oneself~

Embarking on an expedition to help solve a riddle found as a message in a bottle, Kole and a few others venture out to sea in a ship that’s only spoken of in ghost tales.

Kole struggles to allow himself to be vulnerable.
He finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. His love interest being the rock and his messed up past keeping him from opening up, the hard place.

While on this voyage they soon find

~All is not as it seems~

The crew is taken by complete surprise when an old enemy resurfaces determined to kill them all.

Will Kole open his heart? Will they survive the journey to help the one’s in need? Or will too much transpire for anyone to recover?

In the midst of all the mayhem will Kole allow himself to love and be loved, or has too much damage been done for a happily ever after?

My Review

This book is filled with adventure from sea to land and everything in between. This dystopian fantasy story definitely had some seemingly twists and turns that will leave you tearing through the pages. Jillian and Kole finally give their hearts to each other, and I absolutely love Jill’s alteration. I love when the gang is all together. The author did a fantastic job of making this story action-packed. 

This is Kole and Jillian’s story. Kole is a twin protector; he lost his leg in a fight in a previous book and is battling self-esteem issues. He gives us a brief on his friends, the couple, and his abilities. He conveniently leaves his out, or at least it isn’t as spelled out as the rest of the group. 

Jillian is the opposite of Kole. She is shy, soft-spoken, and humble. She has a very cool healing or toxic ability. All the characters have an exciting commodore. With a riddle on the beach and a strange ship, I wonder what adventure is in their future. This book is definitely getting off dry land. 

The book does jump perspective between Jill and Kole. I do love the intense action and adventure of this book. Jill, Lori and Kaden, and Kole seem to be principal characters. I love the baby dragon so adorable. Kole’s past comes back to but him in the butt. However, that evil lady isn’t funny, and I thought she died in the first book or maybe the second. 

I’m excited about how adventurous this story was, but I truly loved the settled-on-land parts of the story. However, life sure isn’t dull for this group, and after one big adventure, they seem to be met with two more. I’m excited to read the next book in the series.

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