Trusting Fate (Hope Falls: Brewed Awakenings Book 2) by Melanie Shawn

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For the first time in her life, Grace Wells had no idea what the future held. After being offered partner at the law firm she’d worked at for the past decade she surprised even herself when she handed in her resignation, packed up her life, put her condo up for sale, and jumped in her Range Rover to head for Hope Falls.

She was already questioning her sanity when she found herself stranded on the side of a mountain road, in a snowstorm, with a flat tire. Things went from bad to worse when headlights shone in her rearview mirror, and her first thought was a psycho was coming to kill her. When she rolled down the window and saw the face of the most perfect male specimen on the planet, she was no longer in fear for her life…but her heart was another story.

For the first time in his life, Easton Bishop knew exactly what the future held. After nearly fifteen years of nomadic living across the globe, he was finally putting down roots. His plan was to spend the next year of his life writing the novel he’d been putting off for the past three years, and more importantly, reconnecting with his family who he’d barely seen over the past decade and a half. That plan was immediately sidetracked when he showed up to surprise his parents only to find out they were on a three-week vacation in Palm Springs.

Always one to roll with the punches, he hopped in his 1989 Ford pickup truck and decided to make the three-hour drive to Hope Falls where his brothers lived. He found himself sidetracked once again when he saw a white SUV on the side of the road with its hazards on. When the driver turned out to be a knockout blonde with eyes bluer than the Mediterranean and lips that made him sweat in below-freezing temperatures, he knew that his plans might need to be expanded to include her.

My Review

This contemporary romance story is about fate, action, and true love. This is a sweet small-town story about two people not looking for love finding each other and the worst circumstances and changing their lives. Grace is damaged, an emotional mess, and doesn’t see her true beauty. Easton is a bachelor not looking for a serious relationship or complications. His genuine heart gives and has to lead him into some predicaments he can’t help but embrace. This story does end happily and has some great surprises. 

I saw this book advertised in an ad, and it looked too good not to read. I love the blurb as it is so intriguing.

Grace is on her way to hope falls, a small mountain town in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. She is moving here, effectively giving up her crowning achievements in the city. She is a wealthy real estate agent/lawyer who just turned down a partner at the law firm and instead decided to move to a small town in the mountains. 

After living her life for others and meeting her goals to the price she could, she decided to make a change and do something for herself. 

Easton is also headed home to surprise his parents after finding their empty home in Sacramento. He is also heading to Hope falls to see his brothers. He is a military man dedicating his time to the service of his country and others. He is also used to living off-grid. Apparently, he isn’t on active duty but spent time overseas as a contractor. But once a marine, always a marine. 

I do like that we get both characters’ perspectives. I think he has met his match in stubbornness in Grace. Of course, this book gets steamy as they wait out the storm they were both caught in. As they both are rescued from the side of the road and arrive in the picturesque town of Hope Falls, the town hallmark feel is in spades. I love all the names of friends and family that get dropped. Of course, Easton and Grace can’t seem to get away from each other. Add this new development, and this book becomes even more fascinating. 

Omg, I love the theory on the Hope Falls effect. It is fabulous. This couple grows slowly, eventually giving in to the carnal desires. But the steadfast love in the story is expressed in the gestures and everyday things they do for each other. Grace has some serious emotional issues to get over, and poor Easton really has to work for it. 

However, this story end will surprise you, and all I can say is it is about time. 

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