Awakening: A Young Adult Paranormal Romance (THE EQUINOX PACT Book 1) by Leigh Walker

Rating: 5 out of 5.

He vowed to protect her even form himself

Awakening by Leigh Walker

After her mother’s death, Taylor Hale goes to live with her father on the remote island of Dawnhaven. She’s dreading it, but she has a plan: she’ll keep her head down, survive senior year, and ignore that her wicked stepmother treats her like trash. 

Then she meets wealthy summer resident James Champlain, and everything changes. 

James is tall and strapping, with a square jaw. In addition to his looks, he’s charming, funny, and kind. Taylor is increasingly drawn to him, but they’re from two different worlds. She was on food stamps, he lives off a trust fund. Then there are the rumors: the locals say he’s running some sort of cult at his estate. 

Taylor doesn’t believe it, but James is definitely mysterious–as is Dawnhaven itself. There’s something dark in the island woods, something dangerous. When Taylor encounters it, she learns that not only is James not what he appears…nothing is

My Review

In the first chapter of this book, this author paints and very detailed picture of a dream. This book is in the first person pretense with the main character introducing the readers to her new home. Dawnhaven, Maine, is an island, desolate small town with lots of tourists in the summer. Taylor is moving in with her dad and stepmom, and step-sister after her mom passed away. She is a good child who is just trying to get thru her senior year. Her stepmom comes across as a rich snotty woman. She arrives at the island during the summer and immediately gets a job at the local diner.

James is island royalty rich, sweet, and yummy to look at it. He is also uncharacteristically nice and keeps to himself minus his circle of friends. He sees Taylor the first day, and then they have a connection at the restaurant before things get friendly on his property. James has a weird quirk, almost supernatural in nature.

Despite the wicked stepmom and step-sister, Taylor is making friends with co-workers and other town folks. James has some oddities to him, but he is a welcome relief to the pit of vipers she lives with. One thing leads to another, and soon they are in a relationship. But why her?

At this point, I’m pondering what kind of supernatural James is; there are certain clues in the book and conversations but nothing discerning yet. I also love that the relationship is blossoming between them, and her confidence is improving.

Oh, this book gets more exciting and more dangerous. Add in witches, other supernaturals, and I’m not sure what James is still. I’m dying to watch the relationship and the supernatural shift. I love that author included so much mystery surrounding the characters. You definitely don’t know who is what till they reveal it.

This book gets even more intriguing as it moves on, even making an off-handed reference to “Twilight”. I love that this book ended on a bang. I can’t wait to read the next one in this trilogy.

I really enjoyed the author’s suspense about what supernaturals we were reading about in this paranormal book. I love that book was very YA, with no super-steamy scenes, some language. I really loved how sweet and protective James was and how smart he was as well. This book is a fabulous read and definitely one to try if you love great paranormal suspense with romance and intrigue.

If you would like to read Awakening by Leigh Walker you can find it on Amazon. This book is the first book in this trilogy. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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