Reckless for You (Ida Romance Series) by Bethany Monaco Smith

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Former boxer Andre Barnes was content with his single life as a workaholic who only had one night stands with no strings… until feisty Deanna Drivas moved into the empty yoga studio next to his gym. Now Andre can’t think of anything else besides the beautiful, sassy spitfire just a wall away from him. Quickly, their lives intertwine and boundaries begin to blur. When faced with uncertainties and personal tragedy, Andre and Deanna have to decide if they’re willing to be reckless and fight for love.

Sweet tea, Andre Barnes is too hot for his own good. But he’s more than that. Smooth, sexy, sweet, and gentlemanly. He’s playful but smart. And he was clearly raised right. He’s like the ultimate package. Mm. Package. He’s definitely got at least a six pack. No. NO! What am I saying? I can’t go there. I took a leap and moved to this town just to start a yoga studio. I can’t get involved with my hot neighbor and jeopardize the business I haven’t fully built. And yet, he’s the best part of my day, he always makes me smile, and he makes other parts of me melt entirely. It’s possible that I’m a lost cause. And by possible, I mean extremely likely. Because I am head over heels for Andre Barnes, and I’m pretty damn sure he wants me too.

No. I’m not doing this. I am not doing this. I can’t get with the sexy-ass woman who just moved into the yoga studio next door to me. It doesn’t matter that both my dick and my heart are screaming, trying to get to her any way they can. I am a professional. I’m not going to go there with her. I’m not. But then my father’s words echo in my ear, reminding me to live and love recklessly. I’m no chickenshit. I don’t back down from a challenge. I go after what I want. And damn, if I don’t want Deanna. But I’m so hung up on her I’m completely off my game. Guess it’s time to man up because I’ve never wanted a girl like I want her, and there’s not a chance in hell I’m letting her get away.

My Review

This story is a sweet romance about love, loss, and fighting for what you want. I love the family and the support for both characters in this book and how the author presented the whirlwind romance. When the going got tough, it was touching to watch friends and family rally with advice and help make things right. The advice on relationships, life, and love is fantastic and swoon-worthy. This story is a must-read if you love a steamy romance with all the feels. 

Andre is an ex-boxer who now owns his gym. He believes in loving recklessly; just like his father, he is also helping—a lady in need. 

He meets Deanna, the new owner of the yoga studio near his gym. She is hesitant and shy when he approaches but soon warms up. I like that we get both characters’ perspectives. 

De is very impulsive, but she likes Andre and thinks he is hot. De is brave and goes to the cafe to meet people and see what the rave is about; she has put a few things together and meets Marion, Andre’s mom, and his sister. 

So from the conversation, I’m surmising that this book takes place a little before Faking it for the Holidays and partly at the same time.

Andre finally asks her out, and I love how clear he is with intentions makes a girl feel special. Things get steamy as their chemistry is off the charts. 

Wow, this is a whirlwind romance, but something about the reckless actions honestly speaks to their feelings. Unfortunately, a startling revelation rocks this couple and will bring you to tears. I love how Andre fixed his issues and the support they both received. The advice in this book is amazing. I love the playlist at the end of the story.

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