Temptation by Bailey B 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve sworn off men forever!

Okay, not forever but for a few months. After my last hook up, my vag needs a reset because the last man to touch me broke it in the worst of ways. Not a problem, until my new dance partner comes into the picture. He’s turning into my forbidden fruit, tempting me in ways I didn’t know possible.

I have three months of celibacy ahead of me and eight weeks to whip my new dance partner into shape.

Someone save me.

My Review

I like the playlist at the beginning of the book. Avery has a bad year; she decides to go to a bar to nurse her problems away. She is quirky and fun and also loves to dance. But she doesn’t seem to love being back in her hometown. Until she meets Carter. Carter and Avery have a friendly history. Apparently, they knew each other a while ago in school. She is quite forward with her flirting. Wow, this book starts the steamy fast.

Unfortunately, he didn’t live up to the hype his kisses and hot body caused. I guess he doesn’t know how to use his outstanding body parts for her pleasure. This book does jump points of view. Her roommate is a riot. I love the challenge of six weeks with nothing to satisfy her needs. Maybe this will break her string of bad luck. 

Carter is in graduate school. Oh, he feels bad about being in his head too much while pleasing Avery. Yes, small world, he gets bribed by his college professor to do a little extra credit. I’m pretty sure that is illegal, but this should be interesting nonetheless. 

Avery is also a dancer, and at the studio, she is the one who needs a partner as her former partner hurt himself. Such a good read so far, but it kinda sucks to find a spelling oops, but I did alert the author to it. However, that aside, the antic in this book are very humorous. They have some good times and some steamy times, but I think it will all come crashing down eventually. Wow, this story ended unexpectedly and is so sweet.

This book was a fantastic romance read. The way the author took something tragic that many women deal with and turned it into something unique was beautiful in this story. The magnetism between Carter and Avery burned the pages even without the steamy scenes. I love the sweetness of this story, the quirky characters, and passionate lovers. 

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