A Witch For Mr. Christmas (Witches of Christmas Grove Book 2) by Deanna Chase

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Welcome to Christmas Grove, the town full of love, magic, and holiday miracles.

Ilsa McKenzie has only ever loved one man. But eleven months ago, he walked out of her life, leaving her heartbroken and her life changed forever. After leaving the magical town of Christmas Grove to regroup and get her life in order, Ilsa’s back, ready to face her past and start her future with or without him. There’s only one question. Will Zach want to be a part of her life or will he run again?

Zach Frost doesn’t love easily. He’s loved and lost before. All he’s ever wanted was to run his Christmas tree farm and start a family. And once Ilsa arrives in town, it seems he’s on the verge of making his dreams come true. But his past is complicated and it’s about to catch up with him. Can he make peace with his mistakes or will he let history repeat itself and lose his chance with the one woman who can make him feel whole?

My Review

This holiday romance is about second chances even when life doesn’t work out your plan. The characters have to deal with their own fears, exes, and complications, as well as a slight surprise. I love the way the author presented this romance as slow and thoughtful. This book isn’t about the holiday season’s hype, but what’s essential about it is family, friends, and big hearts. Ilsa and Zach’s story is very sweet and full of trouble, but it does end happily.

This is Ilsa’s story and book 2 in this series. This book is all about Ilsa and Zach. This book begins where the last chapter of book 1 left off. What a surprise that Ilsa brings home to Zach?

I love how Rex gives his friend the honest, blunt truth. Zach has some work to do, no doubt about it. Disaster seems to strike every time this couple makes a forward movement. This book does end happily and even a little tearful. The last chapter is a preview of the next book that is available now on Amazon.

If you like to read A Witch For Mr. Christmas (Witches of Christmas Grove Book 2) by Deanna Chase. You can find this holiday romance on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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