Concealed: An Everyday Heroes World Novel (The Everyday Heroes World) by Olivia Peters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Concealed by Olivia Peters is a steamy and unputdownable roommates to lovers contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World.


After my nightmare in Vegas, I don’t trust the cops, and starting over in Sunnyville is the only option.

Wyatt is my new roommate with both a hero complex and a badge, but I fall for him anyway. Being a cop means everything to him, and his career will end if he rescues me.

My enemy and hero are at war, and they both wear uniforms.


The Sunnyville Police Department is my last chance to make a difference after a mistake in LA almost got me fired.

As part of a task force to bring down a human trafficking ring, I can’t afford any distractions. But then Rebecca and her dangerous secrets burst into my life, derailing all my plans.

Now my badge needs to be sacrificed to keep her safe.

My Review

I received a copy of this book an arc read by the author and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review. 

Wyatt is a police officer. He messed up somewhere in his career and got downgraded to the Sunnyville Police Department. A quaint small town miles away from Los Angeles. He has a great ride-or-die friend, Gabe, from the old force who happens to ask a favor on short notice, of course. Oh, interesting, his dad is the governor. Even more interesting is the story behind the reason he was transferred. He seems to have a temper problem. After a long day, he goes down to meet his old partners’ friend. Who turns out to be she, her name is Rebecca. 

Rebecca is a timid, shy female with a smoking body and clearly some hidden skeletons in the closet. She is moving in with him for a while. She is slightly intimated by him and definitely running from something. I would hazard a guess at an abusive relationship. Rebecca is very broken. Her actions and thoughts definitely confirm my earlier theory. She isn’t looking for a savior, just a new start, and she really doesn’t trust men of cops. They are off to a rocky start. 

This book gets steamy as they both explore beyond just friends. A lot of her truth comes out, and it sucks. She is a little hot and cold, but he is a patient man. He really is swoon-worthy in his treatment of her and his soft, gentle touch and praise. A lot of this story is also focused on his work and the task force he is on. This man really does his job a lot. 

Everything is going great between them; she is adapting to her location and overcoming her fears until she is confronted with them one day. She does the right thing but, of course, is still shaken. Her sexy cop is busy, so of course, a friend comes to help her. They get super-steamy as things seem to settle out. We are finally starting to see Rebecca as a confident, independent woman. The author will surprise you, though, and I was genuinely shocked by that twist. I kinda figured something was coming. 

I’m even more surprised she went willingly. But at the last second, she changes her mind and decides to fight; unfortunately, it is too late. I honestly thought that the story at this point would end in tragedy. Our hero does come thru even though he puts himself at risk. This does revolve around a huge conflict in the story that was hanging over the heads of our main characters. Yes, this ends happily, and it does time jump at the end of the story. 

Wyatt is a really sweet, protective, and an honorable guy. He has strong feelings about right and wrong and can’t help but act not always to the letter of the law. Rebecca is very broken at the start of this book. She does, over time, start to become a totally different, more confident version of herself. She is a survivor. He is a hero with a heart. The skeletons do all come out of her closet eventually. This book is action-packed and full of a sweet loving romance. The author doesn’t go into extreme details on the issues Rebecca has with he ex. I don’t feel it needs a trigger warning but beware; she gets into sensitive subjects and scenarios.  

I really enjoyed both main characters discovering life again. I loved that even though Rebecca was broken, she was trying to rebuild and trust again. Wyatt certainly took steps to show his character not just to her but also in his work. This was a fascinating story of recovering from your past mistakes and finding a new, unexpected future.  

If you would like to read Concealed by Olivia Peters you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases. This book is part of the Everyday Heroes World which is collection of books by different authors featuring heroes.

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