The Miles Family (5 book series) by Claire Kingsley

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Broken Miles

“She was unraveling me, slowly but surely. I could feel it happening. Like she was gently unbuttoning the collar of a shirt that fit too tight.”

Single-minded drive earned Roland Miles success—and cost him his first love. When his marriage to Zoe ended, he did the only thing he knew. He dove into work to put his heartbreak behind him.

Zoe Sutton’s life hasn’t exactly gone to plan. She certainly didn’t plan on losing Roland or moving home to work for his family’s winery. Four years after their divorce, she wonders if her chance at happily ever after is behind her.

After discovering his family might lose their land, Roland comes home to help sort out the mess. But between his brothers’ antics, a baby sister who’s all grown up, and a father keeping secrets, complicated isn’t even the half of it.

And then there’s Zoe.

He didn’t come home looking for a second chance with her. But the more time they spend together, the more he realizes what they lost. What they could have again.

Because the truth is, they broke each other’s hearts. And maybe they’re the only ones who can put them back together.

Forbidden Miles

You’re not supposed to fall for your brothers best friend.”

Brynn Miles thought moving back to her family’s winery was a good idea. But when you’re the baby of the family, life can get complicated. Dating? Forget about it. Not with her three older brothers acting like human chastity belts.

To Chase Reilly, his best friend’s little sister has always been invisible. She’s so forbidden, he doesn’t let himself see her. Besides, she’s totally girlfriend material, and he doesn’t do the relationship thing.

Until the night Chase sees her. Really, truly sees her. And nothing will ever be the same.

Looking for love isn’t Brynn’s focus, and Chase is the one guy in the world she can’t fall for. He’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Untouchable. And just as forbidden as she is.

But once Chase set his sights on Brynn, there isn’t anything—or anyone—who’ll stop him.

Reckless Miles

“I love being naked. Naked is awesome.” ~Cooper Miles

For Cooper Miles, life used to be an endless party. He worked hard and played harder—as often as possible. But things change—people change—and lately the party life isn’t doing it for him.

Enter Amelia Hale. Cooper doesn’t see her coming. But it isn’t every day you meet a girl in a wedding dress in a bar. A girl whose life just took a sharp left turn she wasn’t expecting.

Kissing her is totally no big deal. She’s had one hell of a day and a little kissing lesson by Cooper is bound to make her feel better. The invitation back to her hotel, however… that, he wasn’t expecting.

Saying yes to her is reckless. Not because he’s a stranger to a one-night stand. And not because she’s in a wedding dress, and the words this is my first time cross her lips.

It’s reckless because she makes him feel things he’s never felt before—big things. Nothing scares Cooper Miles. But this girl? She might be magic, and he has no idea what to do with that.

Hidden Miles

“I wasn’t ready for this. Hannah deserved a man who was whole, not a broken shell. But I couldn’t resist her. Couldn’t resist this. It felt too good.
And would that be so bad? To have something that felt good for once?”

Leo Miles came home broken—wounded and scarred. It’s been five years, and he hasn’t left his family’s land. Not once. It’s not much of a life, but the way he looks now, he prefers to stay hidden.

His only reprieve is her voice. He puts on his headset, logs in to his game, and she’s there. They talk while they play, sharing everything but personal details. She’s his best friend—his happy place—even though he doesn’t know her real name.

Until one day, he hears a voice he recognizes.

Meeting Hannah Tate in person rocks the reclusive Leo’s world. And discovering she’s in trouble—serious trouble—changes everything.

Hannah is Leo’s every fantasy come true. And the badass gamer girl is determined to break through his defenses. But between the mess that is his life, and the threats to his family’s safety, he can’t be anyone’s hero. Least of all hers.

But maybe they both need saving.

Gaining Miles

“Now there was nothing holding me back. I kissed her deeply, passionately. Kissed her for every time I’d wanted to and couldn’t. For every time I’d stared at her with longing in my heart, wishing we could be where we were now.”

It’s never too late.

Loving a woman you can’t have isn’t easy. Ben Gaines knows this all too well. He endured the slow torture of watching Shannon Miles live a life with another man—a man who didn’t deserve her—but he doesn’t regret a minute of it. And he has his reasons.

Now, she’s free. No longer shackled to a loveless marriage, bound to someone who was unfaithful and heartless.

But Shannon thinks her time has passed. That she won’t get another chance at love, especially with Ben. The man who’s been there to see it all. Her mistakes. Her hurt. Her heartache.

If only she knew. Ben loves her with everything he is, and he wants nothing more in life than to spend every moment with her. After all, he’s waited a long time for his chance.

It’s time for their happily ever after.

My Review

The Miles family series is best read in order to fully understand the characters.

Broken Miles

Right out of the prologue of this book, I’m enjoying the authors’ humor, making me smile and giggle as she starts the book. The author does a great job of some back story but adds some comedy to her characters’ thoughts. 

Roland and Zoe use to be a thing until they weren’t, now after years, they are in the same place at the same time. Can they resolve their issues? Zoey is the premier party planner for the Miles Family Vineyard and Roland’s ex-wife. Roland is back to aid his family after recieving a call for help. He doesn’t expect to run into Zoey but when he does he still feels the same. He is attracted to the girl that got away. It takes the entire book for him to come around and realize she is the best thing in his life and he needs to make some changes. Will he leave again? Will they have a happy ending?

The characters are relatable, and the reader can even picture themselves with the situations she is talking about. This book is full of unexpected surprises. Relationships that work and don’t work out. Choices and chances that I didn’t expect or see coming. This book is appropriately named and such a sweet romance book with a dreamy setting. 

I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading more in this series. 

This book is a fantastic easy read to get hooked on. The family is intriguing and the setting is dreamy.

Forbidden Miles

Brynn is the baby of the Miles family and the only girl. Her brothers are fiercely protective of her even going so far as to scare away her dates. Chase suddenly sees Brynn in a new light. Can this player reform to a monogamous relationship. I mean he wants the one girl he shouldn’t his best friends younger sister. Chase and Brynn are a super cute couple. What does her brother think about it?

Her brother isn’t happy that his best friend is dating his sister especially when he walks in and catches them getting intimate. Will he come around when he sees it is love and not his firend being a player?

This story is so sweet, romantic and has me swooning for Chase. Who knew the player could be changed? Especially by the one the girl he isn’t supposed to want. But once they make up their minds and go for what’s best for them. Wow!!! Romantic, sweet, caring, and talkative who knew a guy would do that. This story is, of course, full of hot steamy scenes. Romantic gestures and the family we have come to know and love. The miles family doesn’t disappoint in this second book. You will find yourself laughing out loud, crying with them, and smiling all in the same chapter. Each character is there in the story, and even though the book focuses on Chase and Brynn. They all play a part in making this story feel like home. Although this book is for a mature audience, the sweet romance is swoon-worthy and contains some great, funny content. The Miles family Series doesn’t disappoint if you look for a charming romantic contemporary comedy and romance.

I am loving this story and how the author made it so sweet and romantic. The characters are described wonderfully, and the warmth in the book really makes for a fantastic story. I love a happy ending, and this one takes the cake.  I look forward to the next book in this series. I love getting to know this family and reading a relaxing, fun, easy romance story.

Reckless Miles

Cooper miles is a playboy but a funny one he is the family comedian. He has an amazing heart but definitely a short attention span. He meets Amelia who has just been ditched at her own wedding. She is determined to make herself feel better and takes him up on his steamy offer. But after he still can’t just let her go so he invites her to stay at the Miles Family Vineyard and shows her a good time. Things get sappy but so much fun as he sees that he loves her. But can she uproot her life and dreams to be with this man she has only known for less then a month? Her ex comes back and of course, makes things worse. This romance book is full of spontaneous surprises.

Copper and Amelia’s story is in this book by I loved how it just picked up where we left off from Forbidden Miles. . Zoe is having a baby, and of course, the entire family and the readers know and love are part of the story. This book is perfectly named Cooper is reckless and maybe a bit clingy but with a good heart. I love seeing how things progress with him and Amelia. Wow, this book is filled with suitable life lessons and solid advice. I love how this book ended, and omg, the end was a huge surprise. Yet another story I couldn’t put down in this book, albeit explicit, is also a delightful romance.

Hidden Miles

I absolutely love the author’s blurb at the start of the book. In this book, we get more info on the introverted Leo Miles. The only Miles who doesn’t have a spouse yet. In the previous books, the readers got to be acquainted with the rest of The Miles Family. From the dual perspective, both Leo and Hannah continued the story through their own eyes and feelings. I love this as it allows the reader to connect with both characters and. It misses anything. We begin the book in a game that he and a friend play and talk to each other, from the game to reality and. It the best situation I would say this. Ok needs A trigger warning for both Leo’s issues and Hannah’s. After some time, this book does get steamy, and damn, it gets steamy fast. But the characters really do take it slow, like a simmering romance. Can Leo break out of his shell? Can Hannah accept who he is? 

This book is riddled with lots of healing, brokenness, and unexpected consequences—the Miles family rallies on their issues and Leo’s. Hannah is fantastic and so strong in this , and I love how sweet and caring Leo is to her. 

The end of this book actually surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that at all, and I loved the epilogue in the story. The whole family is all the chapters we have come to love in this series in all their crazy personalities. I love that the author actually told the reader the story of how Leo was injured. The advice passed from Ben to Leo is so excellent, something to take to heart for anyone. I really enjoyed this series, and I found one more book to read in it, so heres to more Miles family even though I have no idea what’s coming next. 

Gaining Miles

This is a short closing Novella to this beautiful series. This book focuses on Shannon, the Miles family matriarch, and Ben, the long-time family friend. This book starts in the past, and the reader gets a sneak perspective of the day Ben and Shannon met. Then jumps to the future bouncing between Ben and Shannon’s point of view. I love how The Miles family, the ones we have read in this series, are still present in this book and tend to get in Ben’s way. It is funny to watch Shannon discover a side of herself she hasn’t felt in a long time. It is refreshing to see Ben romance her. They may be old, but they aren’t dead yet. Love can bloom at any age, and I love that this author takes the leap in this novella to show us an older generation discovering love and romance and they are happily ever after. 

And the extended prologue in this will lead you right into another series by this same author.  Reviews coming on that series soon but if you want to check it out it is called The Bailey Brothers Series .

I encourage you all to read this series in order you can find all the books for The Miles Family Series on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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