Matefinder (3 book series) by Leia Stone

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Aurora, a human far removed from the supernatural world, is nearing her own end after being fatally injured in a car accident. An alpha werewolf, Kai, lurks in the nearby trees watching her bleed out. He chooses to save her the only way he knows how, by changing her.

As Aurora settles into pack life, she struggles with her past as a domestic abuse survivor and the new dominating and violent lifestyle of a werewolf. No one is prepared for what happens next. The tides turn in favor of the werewolves. The Matefinder has been found, and she is more powerful than anybody ever imagined.

But is she prepared to be the most hunted werewolf in history?

Devi (Matefinder Book 2)

When Aurora found out that the vampires were after her blood to procreate, she thought she knew her mission. Take out the vampires and live happily ever after with Kai and their pack. But when the witches discover something about her, everything changes. Maybe Aurora doesn’t have as much control over her fate as she thought and sometimes allies become enemies. Aurora and Kai must defy all odds if their future is to end in happiness.

Balance (Matefinder Book 3) 

Ever since Kai revealed the supernatural race to the humans, riots and chaos have reigned down on Mount Hood. Aurora is going crazy just sitting around and waiting for Layla to show up so that Aurora can finish her task and kill her, bringing peace to her pack. Kai does everything in his power to keep Aurora safe and confined on the heavily guarded mountain. But he should know that no one can really keep Aurora from the things she wants in life. She is determined to find Layla and end this war, forever. But at what cost?

My Review


This book starts off intense Aurora is going to a mountains retreat near Mt. Hood for the weekend. She bumps into two hot guys at a gas station, and they definitely set off her radar. She gets into a nasty wreck on the side of the mountain. 

One of the guy saves her but also changes her. Which I didn’t expect. He also claims her as his mate. They call themselves werewolves but seem to be similar to wolf shifters. She finds out her savior is named Kai and an Alpha. 

Her first shift is interesting, and she develops some interesting special abilities. She also finds her mate. She learns a lot of information about her past and her family’s history. Some of it is a little much. She also seems to have issues with past trauma that affect her a little and some panic attacks. Things get interesting as the saved become the hunted and the hunted become the hunters, of course, all for excellent reasons.  

Kai is strong, protective, loving, and loyal he valued family and shows how he is with his pack. I love how the author introduced his heritage and history into the story. I also loved that he is old. It is kind of strange when he looks like he is 25 and really is much, much older.  

The book gets exciting between a wedding, a rescue, and a conference. Honestly, a lot is going on. This book then adds even more complicated details to the mix and then ends unexpectedly. 

Kai and Aurora are a match made in heaven. They are strong, protective, and loving to each other and their family. Many things are revealed about then and her in this book and a lot of complicated situations. But it was a fantastic read, I would say Ya, as there wasn’t any steamy content or over-described explicit scenes. This book contains witches, magic, fated mates, prophecy, and special abilities with a lot of action and suspense. I can’t wait to read book 2 in this series and see what happens. I believe that the author embraced different wolf shifter options in this book. She mixed it with magic and vampires, making this one heck of a supernatural story. 

Devi (Matefinder Book 2)

I love that this series carries the same characters thru the books. I honestly can’t stand when they change characters in the middle of a story. Aurora is embracing both sides of herself, witch and werewolf, as well as her special abilities. She is genuinely an enigma in the world of werewolves and definitely is stubborn and strong. She is finding more about her abilities as both a witch and a werewolf. Now she finds out she is, even more, a unique wow way to be blessed. 

This book is more about protecting their own and hunting vampires. She takes a spiritual journey and learns more about herself and her purpose. She also knows that there are two sides to every story; not all vampire species are harmful. She discovers she is hiding in victim mode in her relationship instead of embracing the gift of her mate. This book really delves into Native American legends, shaman, and spirit quests.  

Upon returning, they have an interesting chat with a vampire. Also, start to plan how to take them down. This book is about saving humanity and righting the supernatural balance. I wish the author added in more romance and less action. 

They are trying so hard for happily ever after, and every time they do, another threat pops up or some surprises. Things heat up as the action arrives at their doorstep. They face unintended death, captivating battles, and unforeseen actions. This book ends with a lot going on still not much has been solved. 

This book was action-packed full of fights, decisions, and a journey to discover more. I loved how the author changes the normal paranormal romance by adding all this chaos. It is an intriguing story with lots of drama. I love that vampires and witches are not all bad but not all good. The wolves are fighting for their survival, and the humans get to know about the supernatural. I liked how the author brought in and changed an agent that assists them. Aurora’s journey and past are enlightening to the storylines, and I love how strong and intelligent Kai is. These characters are captivating, and the storyline of the Mate Finder is interesting. 

I can’t wait to read the third book and hope it all works out for our couple, their pack, and the people they value. 

Balance (Matefinder Book 3) 

This book is all about finishing what has begun the chaos they caused by revealing the supernatural, the war with the vampire queen, and hoping they are around long enough to have a future together.

Oh, things get interesting as they work on hunting the Queen vampire, and she works on trying to have offspring. The book gets even more graphic with Emma having her baby and a pretty well-described delivery. 

Although this book is intense, it does have some extraordinary funny moments in it. I love Trent doing the Lunas hair. Omg !! Ohh, a witches’ ball that should be interesting. It doesn’t fail to add more mystery to the story and some awesome moments. Life and death situations and a tremendous headache seem to be a constant theme in this book. Poor Aurora, she has been through so much, and it isn’t over yet. Things heat up as females pack mates become at risk and are attacked to be vampire incubators. 

She knows she must do something and is getting restless waiting around. One thing leads to another, and she decides to take her fate and others into her own hands. The end of the book is action-packed. It will have you at the edge of your seat. Yes, it does resolve everything in a way that you will be satisfied with. 

The epilogue was fantastic. I’m so happy the author included it. I liked knowing that it worked out and more info about all the surprises they dropped in this book. 

This was a great book; I loved that it was action-packed. I loved that it resolved conflicts that started in the previous books. I love that author included sacrifice in her battles. This series had a different premise than my regular paranormal books, but I enjoyed it. The spiritual aspects, witches, vampires, and humans made an exciting edge-of-your-seat adventure as they fought the government and the vampire queen. 

If you loved this book, you might also love to read about Emma and Kai’s children in MateFinder Next-Generation Series. 

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