The Warm-Up (Goal Diggers Book 1) by Violet Gordon

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Johanna Miller finally found a way to pull herself out of an abusive relationship, and she’s determined to create a happier and more fulfilling life for herself in Denver.

Max Phillips left the military and the battlefields of the Middle East years ago…at least physically. In his mind, however, the demons of his past still haunt him.

When Johanna and Max meet, they quickly see how much they have in common and how good life can be when they are together. Will their pasts prevent them from ever having the future they dream of? Or were their past experiences simply getting them warmed up for a fantastic life together?

My Review

I love that the author had a full disclosure at the beginning of this book. However, it doesn’t have a trigger warning but may broach sensitive subjects for some people. This book is for a mature audience due to sensitive issues and steamy romance.

Jhoanna is an independent woman shopping for herself and trying to forget her past. She joins a local gym to get a workout and meet new people. Jhoanna runs into Ed and Max gym owners and Marines. She didn’t talk about her past too much but hints at issues. As she gets more comfortable with Max and her new friends, she does begin to open up. Max and Jhoanna definitely have some steamy scenes. Both Jhoanna and Max are damaged people as you get more into the book, sometimes it causes friction in the relationship. This book will give you all the feels emotionally as the characters work thru the issues they have and comfort each other. Things are going great till they aren’t, and both characters had tough lessons in this book. The ending is happy, but the lessons in the book and the sensitive subject they touch definitely impact the reader.

I love that author has embraced non-perfect people for her characters and shown that even damaged people still can move on and find love. Her characters are complex and exciting, with their own fears and challenges to overcome. I love that authored broached sensitive subjects and made her characters strong enough to struggle but also strong enough to figure it out or crash and burn. I love that her characters Max and Jhoanna did fall and realize the error of their ways. This book has some minor spelling issues, but it really doesn’t distract from the story.

If you woudl like to read The Warmup by Violet Gordon. You can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualfying purchases.


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