Breach of Contract by Elizabeth Miller

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bonafide bombshell Maisie Walker loves sex. The problem is she’s never had it—not with a real live person anyway. Her vibrator, Vinnie, and keep Maisie’s nights busy, but she’s itching to lose her V-card—with her boss, Jayce Kavanagh.

Managing partner of the hottest legal firm in New York City, Jayce Kavanagh likes to win—in court and in the bedroom. With his mind set on legal perfection, he doesn’t have time for the killer sway of his assistant’s assets or her sinful mouth.

One late night in the office changes everything.

Spanking your associate after-hours is not ideal, but with proper boundaries, Jayce makes it happen. Enter in Exhibit A—the contract. General terms and conditions are set in place, satisfaction is guaranteed, and oral persuasion commences.

As they test their limits in and out of the office, feelings surface and amendments are made. But just when an extension is proposed, Jayce strays outside of the contracted lines and Maisie must decide if their flourishing relationship can survive a breach of contract.

My Review

This book is so hot and steamy. At first, I thought there was no story and omg amount of steamy indicting an erotic tale. However, the author surprised me, eventually getting into a romance story. 

Maisie is a confident, curvy, honest woman who is an assistant in this big law firm. She has the hots for her boss Mr. Jayce Kavanuagh. Apparently, he is smitten with her, too, as after a hot office confrontation, many oops wording. She is candid about what she would like from him. He agrees as it will get her naked with him. But he also makes her sign a contract like any good lawyer would do. The contract is for her protection but primarily for his and the company. After some explicit entanglements between the characters, he finally decides he loves her. Christmas was magical and, of course, filled with lots of steamy details. But what happens after is truly sad. I couldn’t believe such lousy stuff happened to our poor Maise, but she was stronger than I thought thru it. I wasnt sure at this point I felt that the story would end not happy. I was surprised with the rest and enjoyed the romance in it and the erotic steamy scenes. Want to know the end? You have to read this one, but it does end happily. 

I love that the author centered this on a curvy woman bullied by her mother to be a thing and knew she wasn’t perfect but was happy with herself. I love that she embraced her curves, and her work ethic was incredible. The author really created a character in Maisie that kept me hooked on this book. Yeah, the attraction to the boss was kinda cliche, but I do love how it turned around eventually. Jayce is swoon-worthy in the descriptions and, of course, in his action, even though not everything went right for him. I loved that he found courage at the end and tried but did get his girl. This book has many hidden storylines and back data to understand when stuff hits the fan. Still, it also did a great job explaining people with hearts and feelings. 

If you would like to read Breach of Contract by Elizabeth Miller you can find this standalone book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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