Wicked: A Rockstar Romance Series by Piper Lawson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

GOOD GIRL (Wicked #1): 

I wanted to fall for a man. Instead, I fell for a legend… 

The month I wrote my first piece of code, Jax Jamieson launched his third platinum album. 

The week I drank my first beer, he spent in jail. 

The day I got under his skin, I wound up on his tour. 

And the night he gave me his hoodie… I fell in love forever. 

BAD GIRL (Wicked #2): 

Rockstars don’t chase college students.

But Jax Jamieson’s never followed the rules.

I thought I knew Jax’s secrets. I was wrong.

When the fans go home and the lights fade to black, it’s just me and him and the people we left behind.

I want to escape, until I realize…

We can do a lot in the dark.

WICKED GIRL (Wicked #3):

He was a legend, until he walked away. 

I was nobody, until I was dragged into the light.

I was never supposed to be part of Wicked, but it was always part of me.

Now it’s my turn to do something that matters.

Even if the man I love hates me for it.

My Review

GOOD GIRL (Wicked #1)

Haley takes a job working for rockstar Jax Jamieson. She gets the crazy internship by some miracle. She looks pretty cynical about life in general, especially when it comes to men. Haley is a college student who wants to matter in life. One wrong move, and suddenly she is the enemy tech girl on tour with her idol rock start leaving in a few hours.

This book jumps from Haley to Jax’s perspective between charters. Jax is kind of an egotistical rockstar. First impressions do him so far aren’t great. Haley has her work cut out for her on this tour. 

The banter between Haley and Jax is full of innuendo, comedy relief, and of course, music. Things get heated between them, but it isn’t supposed to. They both come with a lot of damage. Unfortunately, that damage rears its head, and I’m not sure how this will work out. 

This book ends on a massive cliffhanger. Beware, you will want the next book in this Wicked series just to figure out the romance of this book. This book is mild in the steam area, but it does contain some adult content in conversations. I loved how the author started this book; I was immediately roped into the main characters. They were both charismatic, quirky and l loved the conversations between them. 

BAD GIRL (Wicked #2)

This romance between Jax and Haley started in the previous book and abruptly came to a hiatus. But at the end of the book, there is a massive cliffhanger.

Haley and Jax don’t exactly have the perfect reunion at the start of this book. It doesn’t really answer any questions. They do, however, engage in super-steamy scenes later, but I wonder where that will leave them.

Things evolve but also lay in shambles for both of them in this book. Soon casual conversations and some wanted and more important. Wow, one shocker after another, and I kinda feel like Haley is free-falling thru life. This book has some time jumps in it. Haley has chosen her life and given up her life at the same time. This book ends on a cliffhanger as well.

I liked the intimacy in this book between Jax and Haley and not just in the steamy scenes he opened his walls to her, and you could tell. I liked Haley’s determination despite her circumstances. This book was a great peek into what an ending career and a starting life look like. I loved that not everyone in the book was perfect or saintly. They all had their own issues.

WICKED GIRL (Wicked #3)

This book starts with Jaxson in a parent-teacher conference about his daughter. Probably a parent’s worst nightmare. He seems to be struggling to be a single dad. Then the book jumps to Haley meeting someone at a restaurant, not Jaxs. Carter is a boring teacher, but she seems to be close to Haley. Jax and Haley, when they do chat, don’t seem to be on the friendliest terms. 

This should be interesting bringing Jax back to the music while Haley keeps her distance and is in charge of the record company. Omg, Haley drops a bomb on Jax at a fancy gathering; these two can’t seem to stay away from each other like magnets. They can’t seem to resist the pull to each other. Things get steamy. I love that the author surprised us as well with the bomb Haley drops. 

They keep bringing up “this is all part of our ending” but now that they have found each other and breathed new life back in, I don’t want them to end. I love how this story ends, and I can’t wait to see what happens next with my favorite rockstar and his girl. 

This book was a little different than the first two. It wasn’t as much about the band but more about Wicked records and the production. Then it switched to the music and, of course, Jax but also Haley. I love how the author showed Haley as mature, strong, and in charge. I also love the surprises the author included and the reactions I didn’t expect. This book was sweet and a reminder of how well those two characters work together in the steamy scenes and in life. I loved the reunion with all the band members as the books focused on Jaxs and Haley. I looked forward to the next read and see how they progress in their life. 

If you would like to read the Wicked Series you can find the box set of the first 3 books in this series on Amazon. You can also find each book in both paperback and Kindle format. The first book in this series is free on kindle however the rest of the series does cost. The fourth book Forever Wicked I will be reviewing as well.

Good Girl: A Rockstar Romance (Wicked Book 1)

Bad Girl: A Rockstar Romance (Wicked Book 2)

Wicked Girl: A Rockstar Romance

Wicked: A Rockstar Romance Series box set

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