In Her Pumpkin Patch: A Holiday Romantic Comedy (The Svensson Brothers Book 3) by Alina Jacobs

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Fall. Autumn. It doesn’t matter what you call it, I hate it.

I despise pumpkins, Halloween, and the overwhelming sense of dread as the cold and damp move in.

But when my new chauffeur drives up in a hearse, Halloween carols blaring, I realize there will be no escape from the holiday.

Penny is the self-proclaimed Queen of Fall.  

And it’s her mission to turn me into a pumpkin spice fiend.


Fall is the best time of the year! I love pumpkin spice everything, cozy scarves, and nostalgic movies. But most of all, I love Halloween.

My quaint home town of Harrogate is the perfect place to celebrate the holiday. We’re the original Halloween town. We have celebrations all month!

I should be more excited, except that I’m going back to Harrogate after failing to make it as a journalist in Manhattan.

Instead of living out my dreams, I’m living in a dilapidated Victorian house with creepy identical twins, a black cat named Salem, and a snobby ghost. I also have a new temp job with a sexy, but grouchy billionaire who is determined to make me quit.

Garrett is in desperate need of some Halloween cheer. But as much as I want to take him in the back of my hearse and have my way with him (okay that’s a little creepy!) I can’t be distracted by his washboard abs.

I’m up to my eyeballs in debt.

The mean girl from high school is now my mean coworker and is trying to wreck my life.

My mother wants me to write a juicy tell-all about Garrett and his huge family.

Yep, I’m going to trick the cold-blooded billionaire.

I know I need to stick with the plan and weasel enough information out of my boss to write a killer article for a big payday.  

But when Garrett says in that deep, sexy voice, “Nice costume.”

Instead of playing a trick, I’d rather give him a treat!

My Review

Garrett hates autumn all things to do with this season. His new chauffeur, Penny, is the Queen of fall. Garrett is also a billionaire. Penny is a washed-up journalist headed home to her small town. She hopes to use her new job for a payday and not just to appease her girly needs. Will she get distracted by his grouchy behavior and washboard abs? 

Davy Svenssons, a cute little boy who has a ticket pinned to his chest. I wonder if he has a relationship with Garrett? She meets an unlikely friend on the train home to her small town. She also takes a journalist job from her mother to do an expose piece in the Svenssons brothers. This should be interesting. 

An exciting encounter when she arrives at the station and wow a surprise as well. She also gets into a tongue fight with Mr. Svenssons. This book is from both points of view, so we get a look at Mr, Grumpys take on his interactions. 

The Svenssons brothers are a lot of males ranging in age from young to older. I find it interesting that Garrett, the self-made billionaire, lives in this small town and takes care of his brothers. All of them, which is about thirty men, just wow. Penny’s stepsisters are even weirder so is the car they drive. The author obviously has some fun with details in this story. 

Omg, this book is full of fantastic food and so many naughty innuendos. I love Pennys outgoing, fun-loving personality in this book. Leave it to a tiny streak of jealousy to change his grumpy mind. Mr. Grumpy does get a change of heart and really starts to enjoy life, love, and family. However, this book wouldn’t be unique without drama, and boy, the author, dug into it. I’m glad it all worked out, and I loved this romantic comedy book. 

This book was funny, sweet, steamy, and filled with so much holiday quirkiness that it was almost too much, but I loved every minute of this read. The innuendos and double entendres were fabulous. I loved family-based Mr. Billionaire but also how sweet he turned out to be. Penny was a lovely character, and the whole town really made this story stand out.  This story does get steamy and is filled with lots of adult mature content items. It was a charming Halloween read. There is a whole series of books to explore about these brothers and this small town, but I loved that this could be read as a stand-alone book as well. 

If you would like to read In her Pumpkin Patch by Alina Jacobs you can find it on Amazon. There are more books in this series if you want to check out the whole series The Svensson Brothers is a 7 book series but each can be read separately, As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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