Welcome to Hell’s Circle by Kelsey M. Wells

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dante’s inferno inspired retelling that isn’t like the boring old one you tired readying in high school for its modernized with twists like a female lead and Dante (the prince of Hell) is her guide through Hell (the underworld).

What’s the harm with a one night stand?
For demon slaying Rayleen that one night stand changes her life forever when she is Portal to Hell.

The only way to get back to her everyday life of supernatural hunting is to go through all the nine circles of Hell.

Rayleen comes to discover that in the underworld (Hell) the punishment doesn’t always fit the crime and how out dated some of these punishments really are because they were written by old white guys hundreds of years ago.

Rayleen will have to put aside her hatred for anything supernatural for teaming up with a sassy demon, Mags. And a prince of Hell, Dante who is her only hope to making it out of Hell, preferably alive. But will her clear attraction to the prince end up costing her the only chance she has to get out of the underworld?

My Review

Please be advised this book may not be suitable for all readers. This book does come with a trigger warning for graphic content and mature scenes. I do like that author included a hotline number for part of the sensitive subjects covered in the book. 

Intriguingly, the author included a vestibule of hell index at the beginning of the book. Rayleen has some awful luck and quite the adventure in the first part of this book. A witch cast her thru a portal to the middle of the desert somewhere. In this dessert, she seems to be drawing a swarm of bugs. Things get epic as she finds a magical town. She has a trusty dagger named Angel which she is very attached to. 

Oh, the prince of hell, wow, and he is hot. This book gets steamy as she and the prince can’t fight their attraction. She deals with a demon to get out of hell, but this should be quite the adventure. Each circle of hell contains its own challenges for the trio and their pet bird. The author embraces all sorts of tales in this book as they navigate through suffering, from Greek mythology to hybrid-like animal characters, and I’m sure there I’ll be more.

I’ll give this author props. She is very descriptive, even in the horrendous parts of the story. Just Ewww, some of these levels are beyond gross. However, they finally give in to the attraction between them, and wow, that was hot. 

Omg, this book ends on a massive cliffhanger, and I can’t believe that all they went thru Dante doubled crossed her after all. 

I definitely thought this was a truly original story. It did pique my interest with the crazy amount of action and adventure in it. I love Rayleens characters and all the steamy scenes with Dante. I am slightly disappointed at the ending, but I like that author set it upfront for more books in the series. I do love the explanations and inspirations or characters at the end of the book. This was unique and definitely filled with lots of mythology. 

I look forward to the next book in this series.

If you would like to read Welcome to Hell’s Circle by Kelsey M. Wells you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qulaifying purchases.

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