Chosen Wolf (The Marked Wolf Series Book 2) by Jen L. Grey

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Fate is cruel and she will always force your hand.

Solidifying my mate bond with Aiden was supposed to be a happy occasion. Instead, our union unleashed a curse, and now our survival hangs in the balance.

As I try to right the wrongs of the past, the Hallowed Guild is determined to get in the way. My next steps are clear, but every move I make puts those around me in danger.

Too much has happened for my destiny to be changed. I must embrace my role to untie the great divide between wolf shifter and witch. My mate and my people need me, and I can’t let them down. My life isn’t the one forfeit if I fail.

My Review

This book starts exactly where the first book left off. Emma and Aiden have solidified their bond, causing an earthquake after fighting a wolf attack on the coven they are staying with. Now they must go find the others like Emma. 

Things heat up quickly in this, the coven flees to a safer location, and Aiden denounces his pack. Now they are on the run and hiding while Emma figures out her next move. 

Things get crazy for them as they go on an adventure and run into more people like themselves. It is funny how the new couple is like them but doesn’t even realize it yet. This book so all about finding the other girls that help complete the prophecy. They have some exciting adventures while doing it and even run into some unexpected trouble. Once they get back, things get twisted omg I can’t believe it ended like that. 

I actually enjoyed the adventure in this book. I noticed the author didn’t spend much time getting to know the other girls in the prophecy. Still, it did meet the resolution the book started with needing to find the other girls. This story was action-packed with little break between the scenes. It also got super steamy, so definitely for a mature audience. I’m excited to see what happens next with the last book in this trilogy. I do kinda wish we had more info on the other girls. It would be nice to know more about them and, in some cases, their mates. 

If you would like to read Choosen Wolf by Jen L. Grey you can find it on Amazon. It is available in Kindle Unlimited. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

This series must be read in order this is the second book .

The Marked Wolf Series order

Moon Kissed (The Marked Wolf Series Book 1)

Chosen Wolf (The Marked Wolf Series Book 2)

Broken Curse (The Marked Wolf Series Book 3)

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