Moon Kissed (The Marked Wolf Series Book 1) by Jen L. Grey

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You can’t outrun a curse … trust me. I’ve tried.

My heart was left shattered into a million jagged pieces. To survive, I did the only thing I could and forced myself to play the part of the perfect girlfriend. The perfect daughter. Because no one wants someone broken.

But now, the boy who owned my heart is a grown man — hardened and cold.

Seeing Aidan four years later forces me to face my greatest fear, and realizing he is my fated mate only makes things worse.

Secrets aren’t meant to stay buried, and fate always has a plan.

That’s the funny thing about destiny. Right when you think everything is figured out, you get dealt a new hand.

My Review

The first chapter is a flashback to 4 years earlier. This book seems to be from multiple points of view. 

Emma is a wolf shifter who was abandoned. Aiden is a bit older and has grown closer to her, but they are from rival packs. Apparently, she bears a Mark that he deems the enemy. 

Emma catches the eye of her pack’s alphas son Jacob. But she isn’t interested in him. She wants Aiden, but then he doesn’t show up and breaks her heart. 

The book jumps to the future college. She is still pinning after Aiden, but it is a semi relationship with Jacob. Aiden is at the same college. It seems she has to choose between her chosen mate from her pack and her fated mate from the rival pack. 

She has a star birthmark but not sure what it means yet. She has discovered the Aiden is her fated mate. But he broke her heart so long again she isn’t interested in a repeat. This book gets intriguing as the love triangle blows up. But the draw to Aiden is too much to miss. 

But why did he leave? What is he hiding? So many questions to have answered. Oh, the answers come, and they are twisted. I love the tormented fate of our characters. Things heat up as secrets are openly exposed, and family turns on each other. They seek refuge with the witches, which I imagine for Aiden is most uncomfy since he isn’t too fond of them. But he’ll do anything for his mate. 

This book ends with a bang and hot steamy scenes. A fight ensues, and wow, I didn’t see it coming. 

Of course, one thing leads to another, and now I cant wait to read the next part of their journey. 

I enjoyed this book. The fated mate’s aspect, the prophecy, and the action in it. I loved that the main character was a half-wolf shifter and half-witch. I thought the author did a fantastic job of showing things from the main character’s point of view and keeping the reader clueless as Emma finds out we do, making it much more fun to read. Yes, the book jumps point of view, but it doesn’t resolve everything. Just gives the reader the feelings of the other characters. I thought how the author wove in a long-lost family member was excellent planning and exciting to the story. Obviously, Emma is a heroine as she doesn’t take no for an answer instead of doing what she wants. Although the males in the story were essential to the storyline, they didn’t dominate the story. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. 

If you would like to read Moon Kissed by Jen L. Grey you can find it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

This is the first book in The Marked Wolf Series if you would like to binge read it you can find the complete series on Amazon.

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