Happily Never After: A Dirty Fairy Tale (Dirty Fairy Tales Book 3) by Lauren Landish

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There’s a new Prince in town.
And he thinks he’s my happily ever after.
If only I believed in those.

Lance Jacobs.
Roseboro’s new Most Eligible Bachelor.

He’s the stuff fairy tales are made of.
Tall, handsome, strong. A dyed in the wool American hero . . .
And if my scheming stepmother has anything to do with it, he’ll be married to my stepsister before he can tap out S-O-S

But he only has eyes for me.

And though my attention is tied up in my new bakery, I know he wants me.
I’ll admit that he makes my heart race, my body pulse, and my mind think of things that are definitely not as sweet as my famous cupcakes.
I can’t help but think Lance would make a great Mr. Right . . . Now.

I don’t trust him to be more than that.
Don’t trust any man after having my heart broken one too many times.

Even if he does make me want to break all my rules.
Makes me want to take a chance.
To believe again.

Could he finally be my happily ever after?

My Review

This book is explosive, a perfect ending to this trilogy dirty trilogy. The dirty talk, independent characters make it fun to read and not know what to expect next. This book so hot, sinful, funny, and swoon-worthy. But the relationship and characters’ focus isn’t the only thing going on. As you get further into it, gentle or not gentle reminders about the previous conflicts come to the surface. It was thrilling to see that get played out and finished. I love a good happy ever after, but this one will always be awe-inspiring. I loved seeing how the author wrapped this up and brought all the emotions with it.

The author is a true story writer. She fills the books with humor, action, romance, and even heartbreak. I definitely was intrigued when the story started off with a Navy Seal and even more interested when the new bakery owner comes into the account. The food innuendos are fantastic and well thought out. The family scenes are realistic and relatable. The way trouble is mentioned but not at the forefront is impressive as you get more interested in their love story. The highlight for me was the scenes where the characters really stood out. I also enjoyed how she brought all our favorites stories intermingled with this one. So far, I have loved everything Lauren Landish has written and look forward to reading more of her spellbinding romance stories.

If you would like to read this book you can find it on Amazon. If you would like to read the entire series A Dirty Fairy Tale Series by Lauren Landish you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon Asssociate I earn on qualifying purchases.


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