The Returned Mate (Serena’s Story Book 2) by Melody Tyden

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Serena and Brax are happily mated and starting their life together, but two people from Brax’s past return at almost the same time and threaten to tear everything apart. New secrets emerge and new truths are discovered about the events surrounding the death of Brax’s parents and his relationship with his first mate, Maya. Is the love Serena and Brax have for each other strong enough to survive even the erasing of their own past?

This is the second book in the Serena’s Story series. To read how Serena and Brax got together, please take a look for The Alpha’s Second Chance, or to find out what happens next, check out The Vampire’s Consort.

My Review

This books definitely started off leaving me confused . I want to know more about the Percy picture since it was hinted at in the ending of the last book instead this book went a completely different direction . This story fully embrace Braxs history’s and issues . Honestly this was hard to read I felt so bad for Serena . This really pulled on the emotional strings .  Unfortunately it gets worse before it gets better . But hold on because the end of this book is a whole different turn . 

I love that the author finally did incorporate something with the painting even though this book was mostly about Braxs past mate and his enemies .  The story was truly heartbreaking but Serena shined in her forgiveness and thoughts . However the end of this book gets a little crazy definitely adding in some fantasy with the paranormal romance .

If you would like to read The Returned Mate by Melody Tyden you can find it on Amazon. You can aslo grab the entire series of Serena’s Story. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

You can check out the Authors Interview with Melody Tyden and learn more about the Author of this book. This is the Second book in this series make sure you read them in order starting with The Alpha’s Second Chance.

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