Bad Boy Next Door: A Small Town College Bad Boy Romance by Hunter Rose

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I thought my life was planned perfectly going into my senior year.
I had the perfect boyfriend and an amazing social life.
Until that one fateful day my neighbor’s rich nephew moved in..

Talon Vance was the bad boy next door.
From his leather jacket and motorcycle,
to his cocky personality and playboy reputation.
I knew I had to avoid him at all costs.

He made it his goal to make my life a living nightmare.
All that jerk wanted was for me to break up with Isaiah.
But I wasn’t going to let him ruin my perfect life.

Now we are in college, and who walks into my history class?
Him.The bad boy next door.

When Isaiah dumps me, I fall for Talon fast.
Even though he is not the innocent kind,
I find myself questioning my morals.

I know under his broken exterior is a kind man.
Now, I just have to break down his walls and see if what we have is real…

My Review

Wren doesn’t believe in fate. She is a senior in high school and has a boyfriend named Isaiah, but he is a predictable, wholesome young man. Talon is a bad boy and just moved in next door to Wren. This book is weird. First, they are enemies. Then there is a bizarre love triangle, but the animosity between Talon and her boyfriend Isaiah doesn’t go away as they move from high school to college. This book starts to heat up as you get closer to the end. Steamy and romantic scenes. The roller coaster of this book comes back in full force, and things implode. This book has a surprise ending with an influential movement that brings the story to a close. 

This book is from a dual perspective jumping between the characters. The author definitely included lots of drama. The love triangle thing was strange. Her oops, I have a health condition was a little weird coming into play in the middle of the book. This book is twisted, it doesn’t feel the reader in emotionally, but it is definitely suspenseful. It took me most of the book to get over the love triangle and figure out who was in the actual romance book and the main characters. The author did a great job of pulling the reader along on the journey but not revealing much till the end. This was a fun romantic read with lots of suspense and unknown scenes. 

If you would like to read Bad Boy Next Door by Hunter Rose you can find it Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qaulifying purchases. Hunter Rose has a lot of other great books that look interesting as well you can check out her Amazon page,

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