How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door: A Sweet Romantic Comedy by Meg Easton

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It only took twelve years, a few too many embarrassing moments, and a cross-country move to run into her childhood crush again.

This time, he’s Addison’s next-door neighbor. And someone she definitely cannot fall for.

If Ian Kendrick hadn’t grown up to be so good-looking, kind to his grandma, skilled at carpentry, and completely dateable, then it wouldn’t be so difficult to stay away from him.

They’re both just getting over breakups, though, and Addison doesn’t need the kind of awkwardness that would come from living next to someone who would surely be just a rebound if they ever dated.

Nope. What she needs is to make a list to constantly remind herself how to not fall for the guy next door.

If you like your romances with plenty of humor and heart, you’ll love How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door. Start reading today!

My Review

This book is incredible sweet no pda that ain’t for a YA read . It is part of a serious called How not to Fall if you wanted to read on and read more but I love how it was bumpy for the couple and wirtten as a standalone story. I mean real life is sometimes and although it was friends too lovers it want insta love . Although as they reminded it felt like it . It all worked out happily of course but they both had to overcome fears and insecurities t o get there . 

Addison has just moved across seven states and traveled seventeen hundred miles to relocate to Quicksand, Oregon. Ian is a random guy she has an abrupt meeting in the grocery with but finds out he is also her new neighbor, and she knew him in the past. She is also hazardous with multiple clumsy accidents. This book has great humor in it. This book is charming, no PDA, that isn’t for a YA read. I love how it was bumpy for the couple. I mean, real life is sometimes, and although it was friends to lovers, it wasn’t insta love. Although as they got reacquainted, it felt like it. It all worked out happily, of course, but they both had to overcome fears and insecurities to get there. 

I love that author made a fun, charismatic romance. It was sweet and spontaneous, but I loved the interaction and thoughts from the characters. It was so refreshing for them to admit they weren’t perfect. If you want a fun, sweet romance book with no steamy scenes, you’ll love this book.

If you would like to read How Not to Fall for The Guy Next Door by Meg Easton you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

Meg Easton has lots of other great romance novels you may be interested in checking out you can find them on her Author page on Amazon.


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