Savage: An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance by Anna Ray

Rating: 5 out of 5.

He scares the living daylights out of me. But not for the reasons he might think. And that scares me even more.


He’s magnetic. Tall and commanding.
Heartbreakingly gorgeous.
Borne of ice. Ruthless.
And his dark, mesmerizing gaze is locked onto me.
This man is fantasy in the flesh.
Callum O’Daire
Darling of Boston’s moneyed society and king of the underworld.
And I’m here to ask a favor from this soulless creature. Beg, if I have to.
I despise him. Body and soul.


Hazel Brentwood.
Even from a distance, she’s striking.
Stands out.

Eyes like dark gold that glittered with fire and untapped passion.
She needs my help. But I hate the Brentwoods.
All of them.

Old money that covers sins and crimes that will never be answered to
The very thing keeping Hazel so pampered and pretty.
Blood money.
If anyone’s going to tear her to shreds, to destroy her, it’s going to be me.
My way.

Sultry stares, passionate embraces, and suspense await you inside Savage. This enemies-to-lovers mafia romance will have you flipping the pages, begging Callum or Hazel to make the first move!

My Review

I recieved this book as an Arc and I am leavign the review voluntarily.

I love the quote on the page of “fantasy in the flesh. “ Hazel starts out the book eye scanning some guy. She is hypnotized by bad boy Callum. But she keeps her wits about her as things get steamy. Callum is rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. Things escalate between the two very quickly, Hazel looking for assistance with something and him trying to discourage her.

Hazel is devious, determined, and gets reeled into some situations. All in the name of finding her birth parents and something with her deceased half-brother. I find it strange that the bad boy insists on sleeping in a crappy dump of a house when he owns a mansion.

This book is gritty romantic suspense with both Callum and Hazel looking for answers . After the truths are revealed, the characters are left with a longing they don’t understand. Will they choose love or choose to walk away?

The author is almost poetic in her descriptions in this book. Lots of time is spent on the words describing things without actually telling them. You almost have to read between the lines a little, but it is captivating. The suspense of this novel is thrilling, and the answers come chapter by chapter in snippets you have to piece together. Still, with the suspense, there is also the twisted romance. Callum is precisely what you see, but Hazel sees and feels something else. So many questions in my brain for this book, from the thrilling suspense and twisted mystery to the forbidden romance.

If you would like to read Savage by Anna Ray it is available on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualfying purchases.


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