Red Wolf And The Alpha King by P. Hughes

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Alice is a young wolf shifter but with a difference her wolf Storm is a special Red Wolf and extremely rare. Legend says that Red Wolves have special abilities but the specifics were lost long ago. As far as Alice is concerned it’s just stories because she is 21 and still hasn’t shown signs of having any powers.

Like all wolf shifters Alice has a mate somewhere out in the world for her to find. When they meet their connection is immediately obvious. She quickly finds out that he is the Alpha King, king of all wolf shifters! A powerful Wolf with many enemies, can he protect his new mate from their wicked schemes?
Now that Alice has found her mate Colby Silvers, can they keep her secret safe and why was the Red Wolf so revered that it became legendary?

My Review

I thought this story was a great concept however the execution could have been bettter,

We meet Alice Knight, an alpha’s daughter who is a unique red wolf. As this story progresses, she quickly runs into her mate, the Alpha King. Things get steamy very fast. I like how the author portrays Ali. She is feisty, strong, and regular. However, the alpha king kinda comes off like a whipped puppy. I really wish the author gave us more info on what makes the alpha king different from other alphas.

This book is difficult to read when the points of view jumping back and forth and re-explain the same scenes. It really doesn’t move fast, and the story is so scattered with intimate scenes that it makes it hard to follow. Chapter sixteen starts with an author warning probably should have had a trigger warning at the begging of the book. This story does heat up with danger as Ali and her mate are faced with her new powers and visions of a dramatic future. Even though they knew what was coming, it still happened, and it was pretty disturbing. Alpha Gregory is a complete and utter psychopath, and I really hope he gets his at some point. Unfortunately, this book gets worse story-wise before it gets better. I actually couldn’t find the best part and the easiest to read, but the book’s end is filled with love and new beginnings.

This book is formed from a dual perspective, sometimes multiple points of view, but it does repeat plot lines on the switch, and it isn’t that flowy of a read. Many conversations from the characters give the readers insight, but the flow of the story seems off. Also, there is a lot of spelling and grammar errors as you are reading thru it. The story was interesting, but it was a long read right until the end of the book. I felt like the steamy scenes were thrown in to lengthen the story but weren’treally necessary, just a placeholder to skip over to actually get the book’s story. Maybe it was because they were just too frequent. However, I think my main issue was the author’s added wording to add expression in her story instead of letting the reader imagine it and just use the words rather than adding things like growl sounds spelled out.

This book should have a trigger warning and is definitely for a mature audience


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