His Refused Mate (Katu Wolves Book 1) by Jade Marshall

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Wolf shifters are fated with one mate. Losing your mate or refusing it causes immense pain and, in some cases, death. But what if fate gives you a second chance?

Payton has been on her own for longer than she can remember, even when she was still part of a pack. Being refused by her fated mate has her fleeing, starting a life of solitude away from any other shifters

Caine is the Alpha to his pack and although he loves his pack dearly, he longs for his true mate. When he catches her scent he will do everything to make her his. But can he convince her to take a chance?

My Review

This book is a great novella, but it isn’t very long. 

This book starts off sad, and we met Peyton, who is soon to 18, and the packs’ property. This book, of course, states the heartbreaking truth to the title. I like this in the dual perspective, and we get to see the Alphas’ point of view. His name is Cain, and my first impressions of him are he is solid but fierce. 

By the third chapter, we figured out that Peyton ran away from her old pack after being rejected and arrived in a small town where she found a job and a place. She has vivid drama and runs her wolf with a turn of events and a second chance, mate. We learn the first rejection was by Slade. As things heat up between Cain and Peyton, of course, mischief has to happen in the form of her old Alpha and a member of the current pack in cahoots with each other. There is an intense fight and, of course, more steamy scenes. 

Honestly, this book was interesting, but I hated how short it was. The author did a great job with her descriptions and emotions portrayed. However, we really didn’t get much of a chance to know the characters even though the story was intriguing. I would have loved this longer and seen what a female alpha could do or even explain on the now combined packs. The ending of this book left much to be desired.

If you would like to read this His Refused Mate (Katu Wolves Book 1) by Jade Marshall you can find it on Amazon,


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