Stolen Love by Vivien Street

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reese Walker had worked day and night to win an interview for the prestigious Eagle Enterprises Artist Grant.

She entered the interview room brimming with hope and excitement. Would she be the lucky recipient of the grant?

Things were going well… until a tall, dark haired man entered the room. 

In a matter of moments Reese’s hopes were shattered. And that was just the beginning. Her life was about to be torn apart.

Nathaniel Eagle couldn’t believe the woman he’d given up all hope of finding had walked into back into his life.

But her wide-eyed innocent look was an act. She was a thief and a liar, and he wouldn’t be taken in twice.

“It’s caught up with you now, sweetheart.” He smiled, savoring his long-awaited revenge. “Welcome to your worst nightmare.”

Stolen Love is a full-length, standalone novel. A slow burn, enemies-to-lovers romance. Heartfelt, emotional, and with family themes.

My Review

This book threw me for a loop for the first few chapters. I was seriously expecting a different type of romance book. This book was frustrating. First, I couldn’t understand why Mr. Eagle was being so mean to Ms.. Walker. My initial impression of them is that he is a complete jerk and she is a struggling artist. I honestly, at this point, thought I was gonna hate the book. But as I kept reading, I was spellbound to see what the results of all this chaos and turmoil would be to Reese. As the reader gets more profound information, we realize that our main characters have some history, albeit brief life altering.

Reese is a single mother who has had a hard life. As the reader, I connected with this character immediately as she seemed to be the victim of his angsty personality. As this book progresses, we see another side of her since it mostly takes her perspective. She battles thru many emotions and challenges that have an effect on the reader emotions. I caught myself sympathizing and feeling all the things she felt as she progresses on this journey. The journey thru this book was more like a battlefield with so many things destined to wreck our main character. As this book gets harder to read thru the tears and heartbreak ( yup, it was that emotional). I found myself wondering if it would indeed end happily ever after or more like a knife in the heart. This book surprised me at every turn, and when it all comes to light, there is indeed a light at the end of the heartbreak. So not what I was expecting, but it still pleased my broken heart for Reese’s character. 

The author did a fantastic job in this book, keeping it is detailed and well thought out. She was very thoughtful in her conversations and the information gleaned thru the perspective of the characters. Although her writing style and vocabulary seemed a little old school, I really didn’t have an issue getting in her book. At some point, I couldn’t put it down and had to know what happened. She definitely gave me all the feel and hooked the reader into the story’s emotions through Reese’s perspective.  The book carried well from one chapter to the next with not too many jump backs in the past. I loved how she wrapped it all up at the end of the book and cleared all the misunderstandings for both her main characters and the reader. 

This book is angsty , emotional and easily misconceived as a dark romance at first but then flips around to reveal a surprise romance I never saw coming . 

This book isn’t available for preorder yet but is set to release on June 20th on Amazon.  

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