Wild(Deep 8,#1)by Kenzie Macallan

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Arc Review

She leaped into a war zone to get the story. He’ll endure hell to bring her home. Sparks fly, but will romance die on the wrong side of a bullet?

Security firm owner Sean Knight always follows the action. So the former Navy SEAL doesn’t hesitate to head to Afghanistan to extract a world renowned hacker. But when he finds his childhood best friend is being held captive, old feelings come flooding back and he’ll protect her with his life.

Investigator reporter Jess Wilander doesn’t lack courage. So when she discovers her sister’s been kidnapped by an Afghan warlord, she agrees to write an article on him in order to stage a rescue. But her plans go sideways when the man sent to get them out is the guy who secretly broke her heart.

As Sean seeks a way to free everyone, his growing attraction to the one regret from his past threatens to jeopardize the mission. And though Jess yearns to share her heart with him, she struggles to trust he won’t betray her again.

Can these friends become lovers and make it out alive to finally find happily ever after?

WILD is the first book in the pulse-pounding Deep 8 romantic suspense series. If you like steamy scenes, action-packed plots, and love rising above violence, then you’ll adore Kenzie Macallan’s scintillating tale.

My Review

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

I love the authors’ tribute at the beginning of the book. This book is definitely not like most romance novels I read; however, I am enjoying the action, intense feelings, and cloak and dagger mystery. The book is filled with unknown surprises, unexpected love, and a thrilling story. This book includes many details on both the place in the story and the lifestyle of the characters. We meet Sean right away and get an in-depth look into his view and experience. As the book progresses, the reader also meets Pippa and Jess, plus a few other characters. The author does a great job intriguing the reader with the unknown and unexpected. This book is definitely an action romance, maybe a little bit too Tom Clancy like most readers but definitely well done. I found this story interesting and intriguing and didn’t want to put it down. Wow, this book ends with a fantastic feeling and even more mystery. This one should be added to your reading list, excited for the next book in this series. 

You can find WILD: a Thrilling Action Adventure novel (Deep 8 Book 1) on Amazon if your interested As an Amazon Associate I earn from qaulifying purchases.

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