Tempted (Bad Boys Next Door) by Lauren Landish,Willow Winters and Donna Hokanson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

From USA Today bestselling authors, Willow Winters and Lauren Landish, comes a sizzling and tempting romance about the bad boy you can’t resist.

I lived my life with no regrets.
Until she showed up.

It started with her old man. That stubborn bastard set me up.
He knew what he was doing, and I fell for his daughter before I even heard her voice.

What was he thinking, trying to set her up with a prick like me?
She’s too good for me. I should’ve walked away, but every time she told me no, it only made me want to chase her more.

I shouldn’t have brought her into my life. I’m trouble, that’s all I am, and I brought that to her doorstep.
But I can’t let her go now, even if she hates me for it.

She tempted me; now she’s mine.

My Review

Tempted is a unique romance book beginning with a funeral and heartbroken Woman named Elizabeth and a very hot neighbor Liam. The story evolves as the charters get into each other’s orbit. Living next door in her dead stepfather’s rental, Liam feels like he knows all about Elizabeth and already loves her just from the stories he has heard her father tell. He was there when he took his last breath. Elizabeth is unsure about this man, let alone why he is her neighbor. She is heartbroken over her stepfather’s death. The drama really begins when the reading of the will surprise both characters and leaves them in a more stubborn battle besides just attraction. Elizabeth must now think about why she will do and agree to a date with the mystery neighbor. She just wants to know what and why he is getting more from her stepfathers’ death than she is. This book tears and twists as the characters grow closer, eventually putting Elizabeth in danger due to Liam’s business. Raging mad, she must decide if she loves him or if due wants nothing to do with him. Can she accept the Bad Boy Next Door? Will he leave being bad for her? 

This book was a quick standalone read for me, something to pass the time, and I enjoyed the story, the drama, and the romance. Everyone loves a bad boy, right, even when they look so good. This story is filled with sexual tension, relief, murder, and so many naughty things. The characters weren’t well developed, but the reader knew enough to get involved for a standalone book. It didn’t really invoke a feeling, but I enjoyed the action if the read anyway. I love how the author evolved an unknown man into a surprise love. I wish we would have had more information on the setting as it made following the action difficult. This romance is perfect for a quick read or just a look at what a bad boy can be. The Authors did a great job of leaving the story enough to think there may be more to it or another book. 

The story is for mature audiences as it contains explicit scenes and violence. 

This standalone story is part of a collaboration series know as Bad Boys Next Door. I believe a few other books are included in Bad Boys Next Door Series- TemptedMr. CEO, and Inked, all by Lauren Landish,Willow Winters and Donna Hokanson

You can find Tempted By Lauren Landish, Willow WInters and Donna Hokanson on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate i earn from qaulifying purchases.


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