Wildest (Demon Hunters Romance #2) by Carrie Thorne

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Montana werewolf. Snooty demon hunter. Too bad the mission comes first.

Astrid Edmonds takes her role as demon hunter seriously. Alongside her plucky team, she can conquer anything. Not that she wants to take on smelly werewolves, but it’s her job.

Boden Connery loves his home and family. That doesn’t mean he wants to spend the entirety of his long existence on the isolated ranch. When an intelligent feral army encroaches on Bodie’s family’s territory, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his pack, including calling on demon hunters for help.

Astrid’s preconceived notions about werewolves fly right out the window when she lays eyes on the ridiculously sexy Bodie. He’s not smelly and brainless at all, actually. The werewolf is sweet, upstanding, and downright hot.

My Review

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Demon hunters, werewolf’s, wolf shifters, and as she calls them, Ferals all completely had me interested from the first few chapters. As a paranormal fan, I loved that author distinguished between the wild Ferals and the werewolf man who controlled his wild side. The author did a fantastic job providing references to separate them in the readers’ minds, even explaining how a wolf shifter can become Feral. Minor errors like spaces are the reason I gave four stars if they had been fixed it would have been five. Honestly, they don’t distract from the read. Things start to heat up as you get further in the book, both in the conflict and romantically. I really enjoyed that author adds to the history and information on the paranormal world and how her Ferals are different. As the story gets more profound, the author does a great job bringing the heated interactions and conflicts.

Calling in Astrids team of demon hunters and Bodies’ werewolves against the Ferals, can they win the battle and not lose each other? This book escalated nicely with excellent descriptions of setting and people to keep the reader captivated and definitely not lacking in the romance and sex scenes. The conflict is palpable as they prepare for war but not just for the outcome but also for the relationship of our main characters. I absolutely love how the author wrapped it up and left room for more. This was a fantastic book overall. I really enjoyed how the author wrote and described everything. The romance was so sweet but also practical to the characters. I love how they got to study, and the reader got to learn new things before the actual conflict took place. No surprises, but she definitely thought about her flow of ideas for this book, and I think it came together seamlessly.

You can find Wildest by Carrie Thorne on Amazon. As as Amazon associate I earn from qaulifying purchases.


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