Hunter Moon Academy (4 book series) by Simone Leigh Martin

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Packless (Hunter Moon Academy Book 1) 

Packless, clawless and clueless.

When I’m sent away to an academy for shifter wolves, I discover I’m the lowest of the low, a dud wolf who can’t shift and has no pack to call her own. But there’s enough of a wolf inside me, the packs who run the school won’t let me leave. And the three pack heirs, all powerful, arrogant alphas, keep finding reasons to remind me of my place. On my knees. Or under their claw.

So why does Jasper Arras look at me like his wolf has claimed me for himself?

I fail their tests, and make enemies in high places, but there’s more to me than the girl with a broken wolf. And when I get a chance to run, to finally have a place where I belong, I’m going to take it. And a bunch of alphadouches better stay out of my way…

Clawless (Hunter Moon Academy Book 2)

Clawless. Powerless. Useless.

I’m no longer packless, but is it any better to be part of the most ruthless pack in shifter history?

Not that I’m anything more than a political pawn. Because I might have their bloodline, but to the shifter world I’m still a dud. Clawless, powerless, and out of touch with my wolf. And now with an even bigger target on my back.

Because I’m the broken wolf who betrayed the new Clan Alpha. He’s one of the strongest wolves on the continent, and the first guy I gave my heart to. But that’s all over now, and I’m just glad I have some distance to lick my wounds.

Until I’m suddenly forced to return to Hunter Moon Academy, the shifter school he and his friends rule. But there is more to my bloodline than the ruthless Marrows. I’m also a Marshall wolf, which puts me under the protection of their pack heir. The same pack heir who wanted me on my knees. Under his claw. But now we’re family. Even if I’m no longer sure what that means.

Because the only way to belong in this world is to shift. And my wolf isn’t going to show herself for just anyone. As fate would have it, the Clan Alpha is the only one who makes her purr. But he doesn’t trust me. And he now has all the power in the world to make sure everyone knows it.

Heartless (Hunter Moon Academy Book 3)

Little Freak.

I’ve been called lots of names at Hunter Moon Academy, but that’s the worst. Because it’s a secret that’s going to get me killed. And the one holding it over my head is Callum Sawyer, the cruelest alpha in the school.

The Sawyer pack heir never wanted me at this school, and even though I now have claws, he’s forcing me into an impossible deal. Something which his friends and rivals – the two alphas who own a part of me – will never understand.

But there’s more to this world than the four walls of the academy. My family, the most ruthless pack in shifter history, has plans for me. And the Devil of the Horn, with secrets of his own, is never far away.

My one chance to escape disappeared on the night of the Packball Cup. But if there really is a refuge for shifters like me, I’m going to do everything I can to find it. And all the claiming marks and broken hearts in the world won’t stop me.

Fearless (Hunter Moon Academy Book 4) 

The thrilling conclusion to the Hunter Moon Academy series.


I’ve survived them all.

But the Cold Moon is coming, and between my ruthless grandfather, and the Devil of the Horn, my life as I know it will never be the same.

My Review

These book series begin as intriguing paranormal academy fiction. It quickly moves toward romance as we start to connect with Vail and Jasper and the other Alpha-holes in this school. Our main character is bullied, tricked, and tortured, but she becomes stronger. Knowledge is power, and she is very clueless. The story is quite the journey of understanding yourself and dealing with others, with many cliffhangers ending between the books. I couldn’t put this series down and rooted for Vail and Jasper. Jasper grows up a lot between the books, and Vail learns a lot about her heritage, paranormal beings, and history. Many secrets come to light, and a lot of twisted activities are part of this series and some very intense moments. I love how the author matured the story and characters as we progress thru it. This wolf shifter hybrid paranormal romance is definitely one to read you don’t want to miss out on the Hunter Moon Academy Series.

Packless (Hunter Moon Academy Book 1) 

This book is an exciting paranormal academy romance. The story is filled with new concepts for wolf shifters, a possessive alpha, and a clueless female. I love that the author made this book suspenseful, but it was also dark and included themes that may offend some. Overall I’m hooked. I want to know what happens to Vail and Alpha Jasper. Will they get their happily ever after?

Vail is different from other girls. She lives in a rural mountain community with her father and brother. There isn’t much there but some other wild boys. They also have very unique names. I’m not sure how they are paranormal.

Hunter Moon Academy, as she thinks a prison for students complete with an asshole principal and horrible pompous kids. She gets stunned by an announcement about going to a new school not so close to home. The author has some hints in the description and names of the students, and I’m excited to see where this goes.

She gets a shock at this new school, and we look at the paranormals. I’m not surprised by the authors’ hints; that is what is revealed. Wolf Shifters and they think she might have a wolf too. She doesn’t, or at least not that she knows of. There is some hazing and bullying as she adapts to this new hierarchy. However, she seems to have captured the attention of an Alpha Jasper. I really don’t like Pearl. This book does include a bit of bullying between the alphas and the duds. Unfortunately, Vail is no exception.

This book gets curious as an alpha claims her. She gets tortured but finds a lost loved one, and we get more questions than answers. Her horrors he does come into play, and she is still curious about what it will mean for her. We don’t get any more answers, and this book ends on a cliffhanger.

Clawless (Hunter Moon Academy Book 2)

I couldn’t not read this book after the last cliffhanger. I have to know where this story goes for Vail and Jasper.

We begin this book from Jasper’s point of view. His meeting with her father is cryptic at best. But it does explain a little of the mystery behind Vail and her heritage.

Vail’s homecoming isn’t what she expected, and Trey is a double-crossing ass. She gets somehow dumped back at the academy. Alpha Reed is now inc Harte of her well-being, and yes, I fully remember how much of an Alpha-hole he was, plus he hints at a bit of deception we may not be aware of yet. The truth does come out but not to her. I’m really not sure I like where this is going.

This book ends on a big cliffhanger. Of course, the ending is a twisted surprise, but secrets come to light, and we finally get to see Vail shift. This was absolutely not what I expected, and I have no dues what will happen next.

Heartless (Hunter Moon Academy Book 3)

This book begins after that twisted cliffhanger, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m still rooting for Vail and Jasper as a couple. The relationships are complicated, and the mating bonds are no joke. But the story is a page-turner. This book is twisted with secrets, revelations, and actions you don’t expect.

If we know what she is, shifter-wise, we also get a whole political mess to deal with on top of alpha claiming.

This book gets complicated as more characters come into the plot and new secrets are revealed. This book has some very tense moments but also a little steam. I’m still rooting for Jasper and Vail and miffed with Trey and the other Alpha-holes. I’ve come around a little on Reeds’ character, but I despise Callum.

This book ends with a bang and a teasing about what’s to come.

Fearless (Hunter Moon Academy Book 4) 

This book begins with Vail and Jasper. Yaya, finally, the moments I have been waiting for this couple. Many issues still exist in this book, and things seem to be stacked against them.

This book becomes an addicting page-turner as they battle for their rights against enemies, personal and foreign. Jasper is intense in this book, and a lot of stuff happens.

This book ends surprisingly, but I loved every minute of this read. I love Jasper and Vail as they came into themselves and their shifters.

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