Dark Secrets:(Rock Falls Book 4)by Sammi Mason

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Fated Mates, Age Difference Paranormal Romance

The most magically powerful wizard-dragon shifter in the world, Saxon has dedicated his life to eradicating arcane magic and anyone who isn’t innocent. Never would he believe a sweet and sassy, human woman could bring him to his knees. Especially one hiding secrets that could go beyond what the Dark Revenger; the ancient being that lives within him, will tolerate or allow to survive. Can he prevent his biggest nightmare from becoming a reality?

Abigail’s once happy childhood was devastated when her father suddenly transformed into someone she didn’t recognize; she still bears the emotional and physical scars. Committed to delivering the vengeance her mother and sister deserve, nothing will stop her; not even the law. When Abigail meets a sexy, authoritative and overly-protective English shifter, her life becomes filled with steamy passion.

Can she let him thaw her heart before a harrowing fate befalls her?

Dark Secrets is the thrilling fourth book in the utterly absorbing Paranormal Romance series Rock Falls, the small town where normal grew wings and flew away

My Review

This book is the fourth book in the Rock Falls Series, focusing on people’s different essences and love stories. The prologue is an excellent introduction if you haven’t read the other books in the series about what this urban paranormal fantasy story is about. This book is a paranormal romance with minor aspects of fantasy thrown in. I liked the inclusion of human mate, age-gap romance, and accidental pregnancy as we all the mysteries and intriguing subject matter the author brings up. I still have more questions than answers as a reader, but I did enjoy this rocky story.

This is Saxon’s story; he is a magical and essence being and works for the EA as the beta. He is an ancient dragon shifter and part wizard and fae. Saxon also is the host of the dark revenger. He is charged with investigating arcane magic. He is also a single father and very old.

Abigail has just arrived in Rock Falls. She has been told to go by a friend of the EA. She is curious and sassy, intelligent and funny. Saxon knows what she is to him but denies it as he doesn’t know much about her. However, things move relatively fast as she stays with him and dates him.

Abi is definitely hiding something big. However, her quick love for Arcelia has earned her a place in the rockery family. This book gets steamy fast and absolutely delves into the age-gap romance. But still so many questions about Abi.

Some of Abi’s secrets come out, and I think I’m starting to understand her purpose in the story, but there is still so much mystery surrounding her and why she is in Rock Falls. I love how protective and domineering Saxon is, and he is very true to his shifter character. This book really ramps up, and Abi’s secrets come out. I love the surprises that ensue with the unexpected actions and the shift in the plotline. However, I don’t understand why certain events occur in the story and their important role, maybe in later books. This book ends sweetly with more questions than answers which I hope the author eventually answers for us curious readers.

This story was unique because it includes an age gap paranormal romance with a human mate and then brings into a more paranormal romance with action and adventure. This book has moments beyond the paranormal and does delve into fantasy. I did enjoy the book’s romance but would have liked less drama at the end of the book.

This is the 4th book in the Rock Falls Series and can be read as a standalone story but I do highly encourage you to read the entire series.

If you would like to read Dark Secrets by Sammi Mason you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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