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If you love to read, then you probably don’t want to have to pay for every book you read an while there is an excellent opportunity with ebook rentals like Kindle Unlimited, where you pay monthly and get to rent a certain number of free Kindle books at a time there are other ways to get free and discounted books as well. Did you know several sites you can subscribe to that will email you daily book deals with new releases, trending books, and specific genres you love to read? I wanted to take the time to go into a few of these options to get some book bargains. I love that you only select the deals if the blurb interests you, and it gives you more options to read, and you may even find new authors or story types you love. Here are a few of my favorite email subscription newsletters that offer deals on books and my favorite Arc review sites. 

Book Doggy 

This site promotes free and discounted ebooks. You simply subscribe to their email newsletter and receive an email daily on new titles that you may be interested in. They feature free and almost-free books for Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google, Smashwords. Book Funnel, Story origin, and prolific Works. They offer both New York Times bestsellers and new releases as well as Indie authors you may not recognize. They also provide you a way to connect with your favorite authors. You never know you may find your next read. 

How to subscribe? Go to the Book Doggy Website and at the top, you’ll see a box to put in your email to subscribe to this option. 


Again this is the service of an ebook. You can read the ebooks on any device Kindle, iPad, your smartphone, and an e-reader. They send an email daily that lets you subscribe to the book genres that interest you. They also on their site have book recommendations based on your reading or selected genres. They simply send you an email daily with 5 to 6 free and discounted books. The emails do include links to Amazon and do bring you directly to the page with the deals. Most times, these are only free or discounted prices for ebooks. BookBup Website

Red Feather Romance

Do you love romance stories? Maybe you remember a subscription to Harlequin’s book? Well, think of Red Feather Romance like that, except it is digital. This is the number one site for romance books, and yes, you can get daily emails from them with fantastic reading options. I really like that you can see what is free and what is just discounted on their site. Their book email does include links to both Amazon and several other digital e-reading sites like Apple, Nook, and Google. It also includes the price as well as the blurb and cover image. Each email contains about 15 books that may interest you. You can also add a response to the book on the email to fix the books they are offering you; I do like that on their site, you can sort the books by subjects you may prefer like billionaire, paranormal, sports, and so on. 

How do you get this set up? Simply go to the Red Feather Romance Website and subscribe under the sign up now button. Follow the steps and enjoy your free and discounted book email.


This site also offers a free ebook and an email subscription to get daily offers in your inbox. I also like that on their site, you can sort by genres and discovers new series. On their free book options, I notice that they do encourage you to have a Kindle but also have an option or instructions for those who don’t know how to claim the books. It is under their tips. They have links for other e-reading services you may use, like apple and nook and a few others. I don’t have a subscription to this one, so I don’t know what the emails look like, but I love that on their site, you can see the genres and themes of the books. 

How to subscribe got to Freebooksy Website, click read sidebar button that says get free ebooks in your inbox.

For those that don’t have kindle unlimited, I found this article very helpful for claiming your free ebook offers

I’m sure I have missed a few of the free and discounted services out there. Maybe you don’t want a daily email, but you would like to read a review of a recently released book or have more of choice. As you know, I’m a reviewer for sites like NetGalley, Book siren, and BookSprouts. So let’s talk about how this works. I’m also a huge fan of Goodreads


Goodreads is a place your can connect with other readers, leave reviews for books you have read, and logbooks to track your reading. They also have giveaways, groups, and ways to connect with other readers like you. It is a free site you can connect your Kindle, or you can type in each book your read, rate, and review it. Maybe you are not a blogger; that is okay. Authors love reviews. It can be simply why you like or didn’t like the book, but it may help others decide to read it.  

Giveaway they have a tab where you can enter to win free ebooks and actual copies of books from authors doing giveaways.

Groups – they have reading groups where you can join and connect with readers who like the same thing or find a group for arcs where you can get free books and leave a review for the author. 

Sign up for Goodreads


 Would you be willing to read a free book and leave a review? A review read helps a new author launch their book. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have an Instagram or even a blog to post the review on. Most authors are simply looking for you to post it to a few places like Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBup. If you can do that, sign up to review, get lots of books for free, and all you have to do is leave a review and copy and paste the links saying you did it. It really is very easy to be a reviewer for arc books on a site like NetGalley; they will guide you through everything you need from the book choice, how to download it, and then on to reviewing and where. Check out NetGalley, one of the top sites for grabbing free books. Authors actually submit their books here to get them reviewed and read often before they are released.  Sign up for NetGalley


This is another review service. Authors submit their books often months in advance for you to choose from and review. This works very similar to NetGalley, and they ask you to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or BookBup or all three. They also send you reminder emails in case you forget when you suppose to post where. This is very helpful to new authors, and often you can follow the author and read the entire series for free. 

BookSirens has a great selection of free reads that you can read and leave a few thoughts on the book or storyline on the sites they ask. They often have links on where they would like to post your review, then you just copy those and paste them on the reviews entry form on BookSirens and save it. They don’t honestly require you to have a blog, Instagram, or anything else. They often send books directly to your kindle. Typically the timeline for review is up to 30 days. So you can read at your enjoyment and leisure. Sign up for BookSirens


Reedsy is kinda like GoodReads. It tracks what you read and reviews, and then you can upload your GoodReads list. You can connect it to your Amazon. It also has book recommendations based on your reading. I love the suggestions for finding more stories to enjoy. I’m not actually a reviewer for this site, but I do have an account, and I update it every once in a while. I also like that you can become an Arc reviewer for them and get books to read for free. Check out Reedsy


I highly recommend you use social media to connect to other readers in genres you like to read; many groups offer author take over that do free giveaways where you can win free books and even groups you can search based on what you like to read. I have won a few books by participating in groups and getting new authors to read or arc (advance reader copies) to enjoy. So enjoy connecting and have fun in a community of readers like you. Here are some of my favorites so far you can definitely find more based on what you read or connect with your favorite author as she is bound to share groups she posts in to advertise that you can join as well.

Paranormal Romance Books

Rockstar Romance Book Lovers

Contemporary Romance Readers And Authors

*Werewolf & Shifter Romance Books

I hope all of this has given you some excellent ways to get more books and more at a discount or even free. Here’s to happy reading !!


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