If You Liked This, Read That

So, I have been thinking and thinking about how many books are similar. I’m not mad about that, there can’t be that many new ideas left in the world. But while I was thinking, I thought I could start a new series: if you liked this, read that. In each post I am going to aim to have three pairs of stories where there are some similarities to the story lines. This means, that if you prefer that ‘type’ of story, there is already another recommendation ready to go.

This first post is going to have a Colleen Hoover theme. This is simply because every time she writes a new story, she shocks me. I am never disappointed with Colleen Hoover, I always buy the paperback straight away and it will sit there until I really need a really great book. But, I have also read books by other authors that I enjoyed that were similar so here you go…

If You Liked This, Read That- the Colleen Hoover edition







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