Something Bookish: Bookmarks

Never did I ever think that I would be writing about bookmarks. They don’t sound that exciting and probably, for a lot of people, they aren’t. But, let me tell you, nothing gets me more excited then finding another cute bookmark seller on Etsy.

I have no idea why I think I need so many bookmarks, I certainly am not in the middle of reading that many books at any given time. But that doesn’t stop me.

And what I figure is this. If you are here on my blog you probably are a bibliophile just like me. And if you are a bibliophile like me, having bookmarks to match your books probably doesn’t seem that crazy.

I have done a round up of some of my favourite bookmarks and taken pictures of them. And, if I can, I’ll link you to where I found them and you can have decorative bookmarks just like me!

My favourite Etsy stores for bookmarks at the moment are  Words by Jasmine or Read and Wonder


And if you are sensing a theme (obsession) it continues with this Quidditch legs bookmark from My Bookmark.


But I can’t go through this post without mentioning those bookmarks that MATCH the book AKA swag, yo.



And finally, my bookmark storage. Because you know, you gotta have that when you have too many bookmarks for no reason other than bookstgram!




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