Book Review: Sex, Love and Rock n’ Roll by Scott MacKenzie

Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll by Scott MacKenzie

Enigmatic, wealthy and wickedly handsome, Jack Willow is more than just a talented musician.

He’s a man with a sordid past.
And a man of many dark secrets.
When he meets a seemingly innocent girl by the name of Leah, he pulls her into a secret sexual world, a world that will both test their limits and bring them together.
But Leah is not who she seems.
Neither is Jack.

Sex, Loveand Rock n’ Roll is a standalone erotic romance novel and is not for the feint of heart. Please read the authors warnings before diving into this debut novel.

Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll on Goodreads

My Review


Sex, Love and Rock n’ Roll is certainly erotica and if you find this shocking you cant say he didn’t try to warn you. This is a bold debut novel, Scott MacKenzie has put his name and face to something that most will find shocking and that takes a certain kind of courage.
I wasn’t going to review this book. I was left feeling like I didn’t really know what to say… or if what I had to say was very nice (and I strongly believe there does not need to be any more negativity on the internet). But, after a day or two of thinking I decided I did have something to say and that I wanted to say it. The story, and my opinions of it, had settled in my mind and I am ready to share them.

SL&RnR (because I’m not typing that title in its entirety every time) is taboo and a little bit dark but not in a way that left me feeling that Mr MacKenzie just wrote about every dark and taboo thing he could think of just to shock me. For that I am thankful because I stopped reading ‘dark romance’ for that very reason.

There are certainly parts of the story line that could have been further developed should the author have desired to add a few hundred more pages. There is an element of mystery through out the second half (ish) of that story that is artfully divulged as it goes on. This alone will have me looking out for the next Scott MacKenzie book… a spot of mystery gets me every time. But, this is only clear in the second (ish) half of the book and I feel that this could have been a stronger part of the story line through out.

SL&RnR had just the right amount of character development for my liking, I could imagine the characters in my head and they grew and changed as the story went on. Each of the secondary characters had their place and, what I felt refreshing, was ‘established’ stories- I didn’t feel like every character was left hanging and that there was going to be 72 SL&RnR spin-off stories.

What I did find distracting were the few typos dotted around and that certain things were explained by the main character 2 or 3 times. It made it seem like a step was missing in the pre-publishing process (a final edit? beta readers?)

But, overall, SL&RnR held me captive; from beginning to end I needed to know what was going to happen next, picking it back up again when ever I had a free moment. And as a self confessed cover snob, it should have been obvious that this story had me from the beginning.




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