Something Bookish: A colouring book

Over my Christmas/ New Years break I have been loving the Love Between the Lines colouring book by Christina Collie. Finally, I have found a colouring book that I can stay in between the lines with and have more freedom with what colours things should be. For too long I had been choosing colouring books that have teeny tiny spaces and gave me the feeling that I had to make something a certain colour, but not any more.

But what I love even more then all that is that the pages are bookish! Love Between the Lines is inspired by some of my all time favorite books and created by the original book doodler and that combination is perfect (if you ask me).

This book has been no more than a meter away from where I have been sitting for the last three weeks and I have made some progress with the pages (both in that I have coloured lots in and that I am way better at staying in the lines now).

Love Between the Lines has also featured in my book journal having inspired one of my 2017 reading goals: to read or re-read all the books in Love Between the Lines. Now, given how many books there are I am guessing this goal will likely be achieved in the very last minute of 2017, but, I’m defiantly going to give it a good try.


If you are wondering, my journal is by Frank Stationery. An awesome New Zealand based company who, for every book that is brought, donates a book to a child in New Zealand that needs one. I love this notebook (which you can see above and below) because I instantly fell in love with the blue and gold combo. My planner clip/ bow book mark is from Nestish, and my pens are the Flair pen by Papermate.




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